*10 looks+ tips!*What to wear with a black hoodie?

I ain’t playing it safe, not this time.

Wondering what to wear with a black hoodie? Here’s the right place bro.

Hoodies are simply “the comfort zone” for us men. We would wear it every single day, no doubt. That’s why this has become stale and boring already.

Avoid those jarring combinations, and do not make yourselves look ordinary anymore. I am here to help you with tips and ideas in our 10 outfit upgrades for your black hoodie.

Put those black hoods on, and we will start talking about fashion.

1. The Minimalist Black Hoodie

The best thing to achieve on a black hoodie is to go for a minimalist style of fashion. Very elementary, and you can never go wrong with this.

Sticking loyally on 2 colors, black and one other color as your accent. Black and white is the usual classy style for this.

Still, you could go adventurous with a black and green combination or black and yellow, for example.


The shoe and accessories should match the 2 color combination loyalty. Otherwise, everything will crumble down into a non-minimalist approach.

2. Play With The Shape Contrast

It’s hard to step out of your comfort zone? Well, what about a sleeve hoodie to spice things up?

Seriously, throw it on and it just boosts the coolness tenfolds. Why? Because not many guys wearing it these days – so underrated.

The best part? A sleeveless hoodie with this design just fakes an edgy and broader shoulder for you. Such a gem.

If you want to make your upper body appear to be bigger, team it with fitted sweatpants that always work wonders.

Together with the red sneakers as an extra pop of the look, this is how you finish a stylish look without trying too hard.


I asked tons of people and found that ladies lowkey love men wearing a sleeveless black hoodies.

3. Plaid Works With Hoodie

Plaid will be your best bet to partner with your black hoodie for a contemporary fashion style suitable for everyday streetwear.

This style elevates the typical black hoodie outfit to a whole new level. Very trendy and easy to achieve. Who knows, you might have some plaid button-up collared shirt in your wardrobe.

It’s the perfect time to toss that in and incorporate it with your usual plain hoodie getup.


When working with plaid, you should consider the color tone to your advantage. Neutral-toned plaids tend to make older guys look younger and dapper.

While brighter-colored plaids go for the younger guys who want to go for a punk/rebellious look.

4. Level up the look with a knitted hoodie

I get it, a black hoodie can be casual with no surprise. For the dudes who want to level up the style, a knitted hoodie is a godsend for the winter season.

guys black knitted hoodie

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Without a doubt, the texture plays a big role in the overall style. Featuring the heavy weave, you just look expensive and tasteful without any effort.

Together with a long structured coat and loafers, this is how you look sophisticated in a black hoodie.

5. Harder Impact For A Hoodie

Pair your black hoodie with a denim jacket for a rugged streetwear look that creates a strong aura.

Very powerful and manly to look at. It can be worn by guys of any generation and will turn heads around. This look will surely gather a hundred of thousand likes on Instagram.

That red armband add-on is for some English punk vibes you can use as an accessory for this outfit inspiration.

Any denim jacket shade will pair great with a black hoodie and pants.

6. Semi-Formal With Your Hoodie

You have an appointment that needs you to wear your semi-formal look, but all you know is your black hoodie. Doable? Hell yeah!

You have two options to nail this, though.

Either you go for pairing black for the hoodie and your chinos/trousers, or you can choose the darkest shade for the pants pairing it with your overcoat’s color.


Remember that you are wearing a black hoodie so stay within the earth-tone palette for your overcoat. Also, pants if you wish to pair the color with the coat instead.

Choosing a different palette than an earthy tone might ruin the formality, and it would go straight for a pure casual outfit than a semi-formal one.

7. White shirt underneath the black hoodie

When in doubt, a layer that up.

These days, more dudes wearing long white shirts underneath the black hoodie for an effortlessly chic look.

Together with the distressed jeans, you just embrace the laid-back vibes to the fullest.


Despite it being so in style, this layering hack is definitely NOT for everyone. If you are not tall, skip this look.

8. Boy Next Door Look

Low profile, boy next door look, kinda typical but definitely a bit chic for a hoodie guy is pairing it with the good ol’ jeans.

Let’s talk a bit of fashion sense here.

To add some flare, for it to look not so ordinary and become a bit stylish, add some contrast for drama.

Ideally, you will go for a worn-styled hoodie and pair it with new solid blue jeans. Or a solid black hoodie, then pair it with worn-styled white-washed jeans.

It’s like when old meets new contrast drama effect.

9. Welcome To The Army

Camouflage is excellent in any color. But black is great with any style and color of camouflage; that’s the difference.

For an army trooper kind of look, pair camouflage print pants with a black hoodie.

Best if the pants are baggy. It is very manly and has a robust attitude appeal. It works best for teenagers who want an intense, mature look.

With this, you don’t have to be overbearing by wearing safety shoes or combat boots. A pair of nice chunky sneakers would work great already.

10. The black monochromatic look

Have some leather jackets lying around in your closet? Why not experiment with a new look with a hoodie?

Sharp, elegant, dapper, and slick. These are only a few awesome words that describe this black hoodie look.

Even celebrities like Zedd, JayZ, and Eminem wear something like this very often. Only proves that it does really work, my dude.

PRO TIP for the monochromatic look:

If you don’t want to look too matchy, wear black in all different textures. Think of a faux leather biker jacket with cotton sweatpants to add some dimensions to the look.

Very important.


These are the improvements that will make you look more like a gent than a normie with 10 outfit upgrades for your black hoodie.

At the end of the day, any kind of outfit will go off trends in time.

But! Any outfit can be fashionably upgraded in just a snap if you are open to innovation, experimentation, and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Did you like what you just read? Share it with your friends who love their hoodies too much, then make them look more fashionable with this guide.

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