*10 failproof looks!* What to wear to a banquet guys

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What to wear to a banquet guys

Guys, are you wondering what to wear to the banquet? You’ve come to the right place!

A banquet and a gala have a lot of striking similarities. That’s why it is sometimes confusing and hard to differentiate from one another.

A banquet is a celebratory event with an extensive array of meals available for the guest; hence banquets are also called a fancy feasts.

While a gala, on the other hand, is more of a festivity or show/event-focused gathering.

All this confusion with the distinction between a banquet and a gala, it’s our outfits cause significant confusion for us guys.

Save yourself from worrying about 10 outfits on what to wear to a banquet. Guides, tips, and insights featuring different kinds of banquets.

Let’s start this show and make you a well-groomed man.

1. How to dress Formally at a Banquet

Dressing up formally for a banquet is very straightforward.

Nail it with a black tie attire for a prominent and professional look.

what to wear to a banquet guys
Source: 007.com

Now, what is a black tie kind of attire? It is not done simply by slapping a black necktie on your outfit and calling it a day.

Black tie attire combines a black or midnight blue tuxedo, a nice pair of formal pants, and a black bow tie.

Yes, a bow tie, indeed.

One should have it hand-tied instead of using a bow tie that can be hooked or attached using Velcro. It is effortless to do; no worries there.

In this ultimate gala guide, you can read more about this black tie dress code and other formal wear with our article.

Rest assured that the formality you yearn for and the chic style you wish to accomplish will be yours throughout the entire banquet’s duration.

2. What to wear to a Semi-Formal Banquet

What to wear to a Semi-Formal Banquet
Source: bridebox

Semi-formal outfits required for a banquet give the guests a little freedom and creativity on what they want to wear during the event.

But it doesn’t mean you don’t have to look appropriately groomed as a man.

With a proper semi-formal outfit for a banquet, stay away from those pairs of jeans.

As a fellow guy talking to you, I also love all of my jeans. But for a banquet? We could be better than this pal.

A suit jacket or a blazer in a neutral or pastel tone is the best semi-formal go-to if you want to look fresh and dapper.

Then for the pants, if you really love your jeans look, you can have pants in navy or royal blue.


Have two buttons from your collar undone for that fresher vibe and to give your looks a more casual appeal.

Since you will not be wearing a necktie or bowtie on this one.

3. What do you wear to a Work Banquet

What do you wear to a Work Banquet
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Banquets for the company you’re working with will likely be formal. There might be rare chances it won’t be.

For example, your company decided to have a banquet in a resort with a lovely beach. Thus its calls for a themed attire.

But here’s my stand on why you don’t want to have a black-tie dress code for a work banquet. Not unless it was clearly stated as “black tie” on the invitation.

It is not a very good idea to stand out with an outfit and give the higher-ups the impression that you’re too fancy for this. If you’re the company owner, then it is totally fine.

As a regular, you might want to tone it down as you don’t wish to have a surprising criticism of what you wear, especially from those big wigs.

Dressing neat and sharp with a business suit is totally astonishing already. Not only will everyone be sure to take you more seriously.

But higher-ups will see you as a very professional and respectful employee.


If you cannot resist the urge to be creative, express it on your necktie. At the office, people always compliment or disapprove of someone’s necktie.

It’s a great way to express your identity and personality at the banquet without making a fuzz about your outfit.

4. What to wear to a Sports Event Banquet

These kinds of banquets, which are often held within the school or university’s premises, are very forgiving with the dress code.

Most attendees are teenagers or young adults, and you would not expect to have a tailored suit in their wardrobe. So everything works here as long as you are neatly dressed for the event.

You can express your formality with your pants and shoes. Trousers paired with leather shoes will receive praise for arriving nicely and well-groomed.

For your top, anything with a collar and no prints. No need to wear your team’s logo anymore, as your attendance at the event means you are proud enough to support them.

Plus, you don’t want to be mistaken by a fellow guest as someone organizing the banquet. That would surely lead to an awkward moment for you.

5. Awarding Ceremony Banquet attire

We see people on this kind of banquet no holds barred in terms of creativity with their outfits. Notably, if you are one of the nominees for a specific award.

Most women do this best. But for you as a man who wants to get the fair share of that positive attention, here’s our game plan, bro.

Look dashing and fabulous-looking man with a velvet outfit. It’s like you are a walking fragment of the red carpet itself and were meant for this event.

A velvet suit or velvet tuxedo completely paired with velvet pants and then patented leather shoes is simply divine.

Fashionably unique and marvelous to look at.

Photographers will do everything just to get a snap of your fantastic outfit.


Just don’t wear a matching color with the event’s carpet. That will surely be an awkward experience and a great camouflage when you lay down.

6. How to look proper at a High School Banquet

Like a sports banquet, a high school banquet can be very forgiving and give room for creativity with your outfit as long as it is the classic formal suit and pants.

Although it is not a very strict dress code for you as a teenage male, you cannot bring your jeans and sweatpants here. And sure, you don’t want to look awkward in a suit with those, right?

Being creative with the pattern, color, and fabric of your formal suit and pants is technically allowed and fashionably accepted for a high school banquet.

You could go for a shiny satin suit with intricate details or have a cool geometric pattern to boost your physique’s silhouette.

You can also have your necktie or bow tie on a youthful design as long as they identically match your pocket square.


It is okay to wear sneakers for a more youthful vibe but not to ruin your formal appeal.

You’re a young adult who wants to add a little swag for a high school banquet; there’s nothing wrong with that!

Just make sure they are fresh and spotless. Also, the colors should be minimalist. Plain white or black sneakers will be your best bet.

7. Military/Veterans Banquet Attire

Military/Veterans Banquet Attire
Source: Advocate

For a banquet for military or veteran commemoration, outfits come secondary to the event’s core purpose.

You will be sure to wear your Mess Dress Uniform for the event. But for a male civilian honored to be invited to this kind of banquet.

Whether accompanying a military relative or just a guest, dressing formally will already give you a high salute.

A formal suit and tie or tuxedo will be more than enough. Keep it plain, low profile, and straightforward.

Trust me, everyone around you on a military/veterans banquet only needs respect for your attitude and attire. It is not a fancy event but a very honorary one. Keep it formal and simple; that’s it!

8. What can you wear for a Fraternity Banquet

Fraternities and Sororities do throw large banquets for their annual gatherings. Attending should always be formal, semi-formal, and/or business casual in terms of your attire.

what to wear to a banquet guys
Source: nyit.edu

It is not a competition for outfits but a contribution to the cause and paying respect to your brothers and sisters. Especially your seniors.

Also adds strong appeal to your brotherhood’s advocacy and image. That all members are dressed in a formal and well-mannered way.

That it is a strong and stable organization consisting of well-established individuals.

Not only with their careers but also on their way to being groomed gentlemen.

9. How to properly dress for a Wedding Banquet

Wedding banquets are a significant moment for the couple being wed. As a guest, we should groom ourselves as proper gentlemen.

Make sure we coordinate with the event’s dress code. Make sure our outfits will be perfectly uniform with the other male guests’ outfits.

We want the groom to stand out for the special day of his life, and no one should ever rob that opportunity away from him. Ensure the groom’s outfit stands out, especially in group photos.

So no creative thoughts or fancy approach. Stay in uniform with other male guests, and that respect will truly be cherished by the newlyweds every time they revisit their wedding photos.

10. What are the Proper Shoes for a Banquet

Shoes will make our outfit on a banquet elevate it more or ruin it entirely. That is why choosing the proper shoes for a banquet is crucial.

Attending a banquet as a young adult or teenager may excuse and forgive you for wearing sneakers. Primarily if the feast is held on the school grounds.

But an adult who wants to look like a gentleman should dress like one. Then the leather is your best option, notably patented leather. The shinier, the fancier.

I found a fascinating and sage reference image for pairing those outfits with the perfect pair of leathers.

I chose a reference that is not biased and will provide you with more comprehensive variants of leather.

The more likely you’ll stumble upon a pair that looks exactly like that you own now.


That concludes today’s entry, 10 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear To a banquet.

What do you think? I hope it’s helpful!

Events like a banquet can be best enjoyed with guests respecting each other and ensuring everybody has a good time. Our outfits come as secondary and just add-ons on how we present ourselves to people.

At the end of the day, it is your personality and attitude that other guests will never forget. As a true gentleman, be true to being well-mannered first.

Look dapper and beautiful both inside and outside.

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