*2023* What to wear to girlfriend’s graduation? 10 failproof outfits!

Wondering what to wear to your girlfriend’s graduation?

Well, the struggle is real.

Of course, you want to look as good as you can be with her cause you know those photos will be on Instagram!

Throw away those worries as I am here to help you dress up accordingly with 10 girlfriend-approved outfits to Make Her Feel Special on her graduation day.

Packed with real-life fashion ideas, tips, guides, and a few extra help along the way.

Without further ado, let’s get this thing rolling. 

1. Business Casual Attire for the Ceremony

To make your girlfriend proud, dress sharp and professionally with business casual attire.

Showing the whole bunch that not only your girlfriend achieved her degree but also a handsome and professional-looking stable man.

what to wear to girlfriend's graduation
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Fairly simple to achieve as well! You’re good to go with a neat button-down shirt and a coat and trousers combo.


Ensuring that your undershirt is appropriately tucked in will give you an extra professional and strong appeal.

2. Elegant Style for GF’s Graduation

You could arrive at your girlfriend’s graduation ceremony a little more dashing and dandy-looking with some patterns on your suit.

what to wear to girlfriend's graduation
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A patterned jacquard coat and a satin undershirt with the same pattern will not make the ceremony an overdressed fashion statement.

Simply put, you want to show how special your girlfriend and her rights of passage mean to you.

3. Go Simple with a Polo Shirt

You can also be as simple but neat and appealing on her graduation day with a white, pastel, or cool-toned polo shirt.

It is an efficient and straightforward attire for your girlfriend’s graduation ceremony. You can also look broader and more muscular with a simple polo shirt.

Polo shirts usually are tailored fit for any kind of build for us men, especially around the sleeves and the chest.

The newly grad lady sure deserves a muscular-looking hunk you with her graduation snapshots.


Since you are wearing a light-colored polo shirt, you should partner it with fitted or relaxed-fit pants in a mute or dark color.

It will emphasize the masculinity appeal by doing so.

4. Simple attire for the Graduation

Depending on the style, sometimes a simple look is more than enough.

what to wear to girlfriend's graduation
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Then a mandarin or band collar shirt will be the best pick for your shot.

This type of clothing may be new to you and does look simple.

But compared to other simple shirts, this one is fashionable from any angle. Not to mention unique.

You can even pair it with jeans! You will still look manly, appealing, and neat.


Band collar shirts are very versatile, and they come in different variety of colors.

Leaving you a lot of opportunities to blend with your girlfriend’s toga. Making those graduation shots fashionably harmonized.

5. Button-down Shirt and Jeans

Button-down shirts are also great to pair with jeans if you really love your jeans that much.

Standard, effortless, and straight down means business on any occasion.


Since this is an effortless wardrobe, put a little effort into polishing the looks.

Make sure that your shirt is flat ironed very well.

Not only would it make you look neater, but it would also make you appear more professional-looking than others wearing the same.

6. A Leather Jacket for her Graduation

Who said leather jackets aren’t appealing for your girlfriend’s graduation?

It is a bold move, but you are there to impress your precious girlfriend, and others’ approval comes in the latter.

It makes you look fantastic with a leather jacket.

Also, the rugged and rebellious fashion appeal makes the impression that your girlfriend accomplished a callous college life and has an adamant boyfriend.

Who’s always there for her, including a significant moment in her life, her graduation ceremony.

That is an interesting fact, though.

The couple in the image is from the Philippines.

The guy worked three jobs to support his girlfriend’s education. She graduated and was always thankful for her hardworking and loving boyfriend.


7. Matching Colors for her Graduation Snaps

Make your girlfriend’s graduation moments not only of you two look like a perfect pair but also ideally matched in outfits.

what to wear to girlfriend's graduation
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Match your girlfriend’s graduation attire in colors!

As simple as that! You can go formal, semi-formal, or even smart casual.

It is a trend for couples nowadays to match colors with their attires, and graduation is no exception.

You can be yourself without adjusting too much.

More time with bonding and less time spinning in the wardrobe looking for attire.

8. As Professional as her Degree

Arrive like a fine gentleman for your girlfriend’s graduation with none other than a suit and tie.

what to wear to girlfriend's graduation
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Nothing beats the classic professional look that can make you a handsome, dandy, and sharp-looking guy at that event.


This is the general rule for wearing a suit and tie. Fit matters!

You can’t just grab a set suit and necktie, and then call it a day.

Make sure the suit fits well into your body.

A trip to a tailor to have it altered to your size is acceptable – to look put together – grab a neat and formal-looking necktie!

9. Keep Calm, Keep it Simple.

Is it wrong to wear a T-shirt and jeans to your girlfriend’s graduation? It’s a Yes and a No.

No, if you will wear your old favorite shirt and ruin such a special event for your girlfriend.

You will also look awkwardly out of place in your photos with her.

Yes, if you will wear a very fresh, preferably brand new, t-shirt to wear for such an event. Simplicity is beauty, but sometimes we reject simplicity and go all in and end up ruining it.

If it is your style, there’s nothing wrong as long as you look neat, presentable, and well-mannered. Even wearing a T-shirt and jeans.

And stay away from t-shirts with printed faces, please? You’re going to attend your girlfriend’s graduation, not a rock concert.

10. Say it Aloud! with a Statement Shirt

What to take your t-shirt get-go to the next level?

Wear a cool statement t-shirt like this one at your girlfriend’s graduation!

what to wear to girlfriend's graduation
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This is just a friendly piece of advice, though, as a fellow man who wants you both to make this event as memorable and precious as it is.

Ask for your girlfriend’s consent first before wearing this one.

Ideally, show the design first to your girlfriend or have her pick one for you.

Statement shirts can be cool, but it is more remarkable when no one feels awkward if you wear one.


That’s all for today, and I hope you enjoy and learn something with our 10 What to Wear to your Girlfriend’s Graduation.

Style doesn’t matter, brands don’t matter, and expensiveness doesn’t matter.

What matters is your attendance on her special day and arriving there looking clean, presentable, and well-mannered. That is what truly matters, bro.

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