*10 looks!* Teen guys Formal & semi-formal outfits to look CHIC

Wear it while you’re young!

To all the teen guys out there, I get it. The struggle is real.

You guys look effortlessly cool with the streetwear. But when it comes to the formal or semi-formal look, things just get trickier.

But why not mix better fashion sense with the trends that you actually love?

Below, I’ve gathered 10 formal & semi-formal outfits for teenage guys like YOU.

Outfit ideas, motivations, and fashion tricks – I’m sure you will love them.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Teen-Spirit Formal Wear

Expose that inner youth of yours with this formal outfit for teens.

Button-down coat in a neutral color and with jeans!

Yes! You heard me right on that one.

Have some colorful pocket squares instead of the usual black or white to emphasize the youth ness of the appeal.

Just make sure that those jeans were not ripped or anything.

Else, you will be ruining its formality sense. Partner it with a light-toned or pastel-colored shirt underneath.


You may also use fresh and clean sneakers (not the chunky ones) if you want to express more with your teen-spirit vibes.

2. Semi Formal for Teens

A semi-formal attire for any teens out there. Perfect for any simple gatherings, activities, and even a semi-casual occasion. 

You can pull off an effortless outfit with a snap. All secret lies within those neckties and belts that you going to use.

Go for a leather belt with a lighter brown tone for a youthful feel. As for the tie, go for anything lighter-colored as well.

Getting one with playful and quirky patterns like floral and wavey details would be highly suggested.


Avoid using dark-colored ties and geometric patterns for the patterns.

It would simply bust the teenage vibe of this outfit.

3. The Teenage Gentleman

Achieving a gentleman’s look at your teens is easier than what you are expecting.

Get that sharp-looking gent look by choosing all neutral colors for your coat and shirt. Incorporate then some fitted chinos to give it a sexy vibe.

A vibe that is still easy to achieve on your teenage lower body physique.

Leather loafers for the shoes, and you are sharpened for any formal occasion looking like a true fine teenage gent.


Don’t show any socks here if you want a sleek feel.

You are a hot teen, so abuse that youthfulness vibe by doing this.

4. Cozy teenager guy outfit

This is one handsome outfit you can wear if you’re going semi-formal.

It is excellent for any occasion, even a date, and not over-dressed for it.

A mute-colored cardigan sweater over a checkered collared shirt and a tie would give you a handsome bachelor appeal to almost everyone.

Easy to do and inexpensive to acquire.

Remember not to stray too far from the color of your cardigan. It is the correct way of choosing what pants to wear for this outfit.

5. Corporate teenagers look

Dress like a Corpo-man and leave everyone confused and dazzled with this formal outfit inspiration for teens.

Instead of wearing the typical collared button-down shirt, wear a crewneck fitted shirt. It pairs well with any coat and blazers.

Also pairs well with any chino or trousers while giving that contrast that you have dressed for a high-class formality but still life as a teenager.

Also, remember to go for sneakers with this one to elevate it more to your teenage life.


You can easily create an illusion to give your teenage body some advantage with this outfit.

If you want to look taller, go for vertical patterns for your coat and if you want to look a bit broader, go for horizontal ones.

6. Classic Semi-Formal for teens

Shown a lot of times in some movies or series that feature teenage life. It is easy to spot the reason why it is popular.

This outfit idea can be worn in almost everything while looking intelligent and young in semi-formal attire.

Let’s be uniquely cool this time. Slip-on sleeveless cardigans were already overused as an outfit.

Let’s use a V-neck sleeveless cardigan with buttons for this one. It accentuates the formal collared shirt underneath.

A complete depiction of semi-formal wear by mixing formal clothing with a garment used for casual wear and still harmonizing as one.

7. Dressed to Impress

Since teenagers have this unique kind of lifestyle, why don’t we incorporate that with their formal wear?

Here’s a double-breasted jacket for a teen’s formal occasion.

It is apart from the usual formal but doesn’t give any awkwardness appeal and makes them feel like sophisticated grown-ups.

Choose any checkered patterned jacket and pair it with slim-fit jeans or pants.

Top it off with a nice pair of leather shoes with socks showing. Ain’t it easy to make them ready for any formality?

8. Youthful Semi-Formal Outfit

Looking dandy, intelligent, handsome, and, most importantly, with a touch of formality.

Grouped all together, you will have this quirky and playful semi-formal teenage outfit that will give a daze to anyone, especially the ladies.

A mixture of playful colors also allows you to choose your favorite colors as a part of this outfit.

Everything is your usual formal starter pack, except you’ll change the waistcoat into a button-down cardigan sweatshirt.

Quite the witty, noh? Pair with any chino or trousers, and you have a creative wonder of casual and formality combined.


Colors should be light-toned and/or pastels. No colors should be too loud or too bright.

9. The CEO look for teens

Let’s do a little creativity with a formal outfit with teens to make them stand out from the crowd. Positively, of course.

Instead of going for a plain suit and tie outfit, have it with matching patterns and a bit lighter color.

It would express our young age while looking mature for a formal occasion. Of course, not in a boring way. (Hell no)

Any leather shoes will be fine as long as they are not too big, like a clown’s shoe.

But if the foot size is really that big, you may choose to alter the fit of the pants.

Have it slightly loose and relaxed fitted to create the illusion of a smaller shoe.

10. Trendy Semi-Formal Outfit Idea

A smooth and Jazzy semi-formal attire for teens will surely grab a lot of positive attention and a lot of snaps for Instagram.

Your base is going to be a light-toned gray tee or tank top.

Partner it with matching color pants, chinos, trousers, and any leather shoes in a much darker mute color.

Then for the main event, sport out your liveliest favorite color with your coat or blazer. Turn heads into looking at you like a dashing man wherever you go with this effortless outfit idea.

Ain’t it easy to look hot, even as a teen?


And there we have it! An excellent lineup for 10 formal & semi-formal outfits for teenage guys.

Dressing as a teen and achieving the desired look will never be as hard again.

If you find these inspo useful, check out some of our popular reads below! More styling tips to look taller and bigger to come!

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