*FULL LIST*10 corporate goth male looks in normal clothes

corporate goth male looks normal clothes

Looking for some corporate goth male outfits and alternative business casual looks that you are ACTUALLY wearing in the workplace?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

When it comes to gothic fashion, think dark aesthetic and irresistible romance and mystery.

While it seems hard to incorporate these overwhelming styles in the workplace, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible!

All we have to do is take the core elements and incorporate them in a lowkey way.

On this list of 10 corporate Goth-inspired male outfits, I’m sure all the looks are as stylish as they are practical in the workplace.

As we grasp control with the help of fashion and fit it for corporate lifestyle outfits.

Ready? Let’s get started!

1. Business casual goth clothing: All black

This will only be a list for the goth style if there’s an all-black outfit.

For this look not to look typical, incorporate some textures with the suit. Just like a floral embroidered tuxedo with details all the way to the lapel collar.

It elevates the sophistication and gothic appeal of the looks, like a goth with a high sense of fashion.


You can totally nail the coffin if you use a satin undershirt to make the texture and details of the tuxedo pop out a lot louder.

2. Alternative business casual: Satin shirt

Speaking of satin, this is used as an alternative to achieve that smooth silk outfit look.

There are many ways to wear satin/silk, but for the outfit not to look like sleepwear instead of a corporate goth outfit, here’s what you need to do.

The layers in textures, of course. When a satin shirt is paired with jeans, it will look fashionably pleasing. Also, with jeans, you can have a belt with skull details, metal studs, or intricate adornments to make the outfit look more gothic.


A fedora will be a perfect touch of another layer of texture for the outfit while providing a good transition for your looks from head to toe.

3. When in doubt, velvet blazer

Goth fashion loves velvet. Especially if they’re crimson or blood-red in color.

Let’s ensure it is corporate-ready and not too dramatic looking for work. Instead of the regular shirt underneath, use a black turtle neck to give it a flare that is not over-dressed.

The color combination is wildly goth-styled but wearable for an office job. More gothic, with less drama.

4. Corporate goth clothing: Jacquard

how to wear corporate goth guys
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Any jacquard type of clothing makes details for sophistication to bloom a lot more with any outfit. Corporate goth men’s fashion isn’t an exception.

Just remember this tip when wearing a jacquard coat. If the lapel is smooth or the details don’t touch this area, you can have another jacquard or detailed shirt underneath.

But, if the lapel (collar of a coat or jacket) has some details and textures, it is wise to go for a flat textured shirt underneath.

5. How to dress goth in normal clothes

Not all goth aesthetics are achieved with suits and lavish types of clothing. Regular wear can also be with the right color choice suited for goth style.

Commonly found in the “Emo” trend, this corporate goth male outfit only consists of everyday clothing. From the denim jacket to the polo shirt and the jeans.


Depending on the style of your workplace, sometimes you may want to wear a long sleeve polo to cover the tattoo up.

Well, it is effortless to flaunt these cool tats after work. Roll up those sleeves or remove the jacket and stick with the polo shirt and you now instantly have a smart casual look.

6. Skull Elements in a lowkey way

corporate goth male
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And if you want to add a pop of dark fashion to your plain suit set, throw yourself a black scarf with skull prints.

Is that just me but that reminds me of the Alexander McQueen style!

A straightforward addition to make any corporate outfit a gothic one, whichever you choose to wear for the day.

7. Gothic Fashion Rebel

Goth and rebellious at the same time is this look trying to bring us. Since it is done with a fashion sense, it is not overbearing and can be worn for corporate work.

Not over the top rebellious because it is only 3/4 pants you’re wearing, but still corporate acceptable.

Also, an excellent way to showcase those nice pair of leather ankle boots for an additional gothic flair to the looks.


Make it more corporately acceptable by wearing high socks. Make sure it is stockings-like thin for your looks not to get ruined by awkwardness, if ever.

A good trick to hide those leg tattoos as well.

8. The Count’s Favorite Combination

Black and Red are the base color in general for goth styles. Simply staying with these two colors as your dominant color combination for an outfit instantly will make it goth looking.

Make black your dominant color and Red as a detail for emphasis. Then, you are goth-looking.

Sacrifice nothing and make every corporate outfit true to the goth style by sticking with the color combination that even a dark stalker would like.

A lapel pin with a thin hanging chain would also be a nice touch.

9. Bloody Handsome gothic fashion

gothic fashion male business

You may also opt to make Red your dominant color, and Black will play as the background of emphasis this time.

More of a blood-hungry villain kind of approach in a fashion which gives me a huge Lucifer Morningstar vibe.

10. A Gothic Level of Detail

This design can perfectly pair well as an undershirt for any corporate goth looks you’re trying to achieve.

The silver color makes the black gothic pattern stand out strongly, perfect for a high emphasis on your goth style.

Also, silver is a color that has been widely used for the goth style of fashion ever since.

I found the exact shirt in the image on Amazon, making your craving for such style realistically achievable.


Fin! That’s for our list of 10 Corporate Goth males. 

A fabulous offering for the gothic style incorporated into the world of corporate lifestyle. Well, I am sure now you know how to wear dress goth in normal clothes!

The fashion world is truly magnificent for fitting any style for all different lifestyles of people.

Even the gothic style, which in general, is known only to serve dark-themed music genres, subgenres, counterparts, and/or overdramatic theatrical events. Sometimes costume-looking.

But because fashion is so powerful, it made goth style fashion embraced by a lot more people nowadays subconsciously, and they are embracing the style unknowingly. Making it fashionably acceptable.

I hope you like this entry. For more men’s fashion tips and guides, sign up for our Newsletter, and don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter using the buttons you’ll see below.

See you next time then.

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