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HBCU homecoming outfits black guys

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As a no-brainer, fashion is a big deal for us black guys. We want to look SWAG and F.R.E.S.H throughout the hood.

And guess what bro, homecoming is a whole different game. The goal here is to look elegant, and stylish with an extra pop of style. Producing a high-profile silhouette and making you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Lucky for you, I’ll be your friend to guide you with 10 fantastic black guys’ homecoming outfits.

Ready those swag meters with you as I present you with the list that will make your homecoming experience to the next level just by working on your wardrobe. 

Ready? Let’s go.

1. Turtleneck x chain x blazer for homecoming

Sport out your inner popstar vibe with this turtleneck homecoming outfit for black guys.

The straightforwardness of the bold statement this outfit is trying to provide is straight out of a high profile at any angle. People in your homecoming will take snaps of your great image for the event, that’s for sure.

This outfit’s standard dark-tone color choice can be altered depending on your choice. Do you want to have a more striking aura?

Why not go black on the turtleneck and then bright red or maroon for the coat or blazer?

You can also do chic and unique with a light brown-toned turtleneck paired with a flat black coat.


To ensure you execute and showcase this outfit right, have your trousers the same color as your coat or blazers. To brighten up an all-black look, this thick stainless steel chain is a perfect addition to help you stand out for your homecoming.

2. Bronx-Style Coat for HBCU Homecoming

Definitely one unique and solid outfit for an HBCU homecoming event. Be that cool kid from the block with this Bronx-inspired get-up.

Oozing with confidence given by the tank top and a touch of still being formal with a corduroy coat in any earth tone color of choice. The corduroy coat and trousers are unique and contour the great skin color of any black guy, regardless of body build.

Pair this one-of-a-kind cool homecoming outfit with some gold sparkles. I happen to find a gold chain (Come in all different lengths) on Amazon that will complement this attire. Need I say more bro? This one is just dope.


Yo! Did you know you can elevate this to the next level by pairing it with your nice kicks? Bring out those hot and spicy Js or AF1s. Transform this outfit into Bronx style best with a Nike homecoming outfit.

3. Smooth Suede Formal homecoming outfit

A rich and dandy vibe outfit inspiration for your homecoming? Seek no further, brother. Have an expensive feel with a cashmere or linen coat in a Navy color.

To be honest, the word cashmere already sounds like you looking rich, bro. Then become as slick as a Cadillac with some suede loafers.

But looking expensive doesn’t mean it should break the bank. In fact, instead of suede loafers, check these velvet loafers as an alternative. Definitely choose the midnight blue shade bro, it gives the same elegant vibe without spending a lot of dough for it.


You should always match the colors of the loafers with your coat. Navy, Olive, and Tan are ideal colors for this rich and dandy homecoming outfit.

The trousers should be flat-out dark color matching your bow tie of choice. Of course, don’t forget to stick to clean whites for your insides.

4. The Elegant Tuxedo Homecoming Outfit Idea

The classic tuxedo for the homecoming outfit. You can’t go wrong with this, but I’m telling you right now, there is a lot of possibility you will stumble across a few guys with the same standard idea as yours.

Stand out from the rest of these guys and be your own alpha for your homecoming weekend. Have a tux with embroidery designs or any artistic European-styled patterns.

Tuxedos are known to be just the good old flat black in color; turn it around to your advantage!

Choose a velvet or silk tuxedo with a shiny reflective texture to it. For the color, go for a deep, bold color like crimson red, emerald green, or metallic blue.


Tuxedo’s price and/or brand is not the primary factor why it is perfect for any occasion, especially homecomings.

The secret of making you look great in a tux is ensuring it fits well to your body type. The perfect fit makes it looks great.

5. Gen-Z Modern Casual Homecoming Outfit

Only but a youthful vibe for your HBCU homecoming outfit.

Bright-colored sweatshirt with a popping collar. Trousers with modern geometric design provide playful touch into it.

Well, don’t forget to match it with your AF1 or any clean whites you have. The sole concept of this homecoming outfit idea is to emit a youthful, fresh and cool vibe. Keep it chill.

6. Homecoming Outfit with Shawl Idea

Instead of going for the norm suit and tie or coat and trousers combo for your homecoming weekend, why not add a little artistic flare to it without too much effort?

Add a scarf or a shawl to your homecoming outfit. Be creative and artistic as you wrap your preferred design around your neck. It would give you an instant sophisticated guy vibe throughout your homecoming event and a definite unique look transformation from your typical suit or coat outfit.

Just a little trivia, did you know that this kind of fashion sense is now popular among NBA superstars? Marvel’s movie The Black Panther made the outfit idea “only fitted for the royalty.”

Thus, making sparks among guys who want some Wakanda forever vibes in their formal wear.

Check this awesome silk scarf to see what I mean. I am never the scarf as accessories type of guy but this one just looks so high fashion. Even if you don’t intent to buy it, I suggest you check it out!

7. Striking HBCU Velvet Homecoming Outfit

Ladies dig hard for velvet.

That is why you should consider going for this outfit inspiration to get those approvals in no time.

Make the velvet coat stand out by sticking to all black from everything, underneath to trousers to loafers. Sticking to black makes your coat’s color stand out and also flesh out the velvet design even from afar.

Heads will turn just to get a glimpse as you walk past them. It is like they have seen a Lamborghini passing by. Instead of a car, it is the fancy lookin’ you!

8. Sporting Pink For Your Homecoming

Contrary to stereotypical beliefs, pink looks incredible to us men.

Even if you go for an overcoat, tuxedo, blazer, or regular coat, the pink pastel creates an even manlier persona for your homecoming outfit. It also accents the deep, bold skin color for us black guys.

Also, women love this color so much, giving you all the opportunity to have them notice you even if you are just standing there.

9. Old But Bold Homecoming Outfit

The soul of rhythm and blues lies within this elegant outfit of choice. The style may be old for some, but it will definitely stun everyone with its stylish elegance, even for homecoming events.

A showcase with a bright-toned vest that is emphasized with an earth-toned coat and trousers is one kind of smoking-hot professional vibe for a homecoming this year.

Pair it with a high-quality Fedora, just like the one I found on Amazon. Fully become that gentle bluesman that will turn ladies crazy with just one stare.


The inner vest should be an exact fit for your body figure.

Any loose sides on your vest will ruin this smooth smoking outfit, brother. Stay on the earth-toned coats, trousers, loafers, and fedora if you choose to have one also.

10. Homecoming Sequin for black guys

Greatly inspired by the late King of Pop himself, this outfit would put the word “GLAM” all over the homecoming evening.

Perfect sparkling sequins on a black coat and black trousers make you the very depiction of the night sky filled with sparkling stars. The idea is actually not hard to pull off perfectly.

The concept is straightforward, and a wide variety of sequins clothing is available at a fair, decent price tag.

Grab everyone’s attention effortlessly with this homecoming outfit inspiration and become the King of The Evening.


To look classy but casual for homecoming, consider going sockless with the shoes!


That it! We’ve been through the 10 HBCU homecoming outfits for black guys to pump up your looks and elevate your style.

Fashion for black guys is just like the music of the black culture. It has a different kind of creativity exclusively made from the culture, but it is widely renowned and praised by all the rest of the cultures worldwide.

Wear it in the way you like it and make your own rule! Enjoy your homecoming!

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