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college party guys outfits

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For young guys like us, a college party is the most effortless way to socialize. Meet the cute girls, and have some fun with gangs, the days are just too good to be true.

So here are my two pieces of advice for you.

  1. Do the college party in moderation so it won’t ruin your parties
  2. If you join the party, have fun and BE STYLISH

Here’s a guide for college party outfits for guys giving you the right idea of what to wear while getting loose without looking lame. I mean, it’s college life and you want to look cool 24/7.

With the help of proper men grooming guides like this, your college party will be full of memories you’ll love to remember for years to come.

Start the music and drop the beats as we start this list!

1. College Varsity Party Outfit

Let’s begin with the basics. Kicking off this list is the college party outfit featuring, of course, your very own college varsity jacket.

If you don’t want to look too young in your University’s or society’s jacket, stick with black and white for a sophisticated look.

Start by grabbing a comfortable white hoodie and black pants as your base. Then any varsity jacket in any color will stand out with less effort.


Matching the white hoodie with white shoes just elongates your figure from head to toe.

To maximize the effect, try wearing the cap with shoes with similar shades!

2.  Less Effort But More Swag Party College Outfit

College life can be stressful as it is already, so why make things even more complicated for the college party? When in doubt, embrace the minimalist look like a Korean Oppa.

A white shirt partnered with an oversized sweater, loose-fit pants, sneakers, or chucks.

Wearing oversized clothing is not only for comfort but also a viral trend among young dudes like you. Also gives you a lot of free movement if you want to dance like nobody is watching at the college party!


For the sweater and pants, stick to dark, muted colors and pastels.

The cool fashion image you are trying to create can be ruined by bright color choices.

3. Too Cool For School College Party Outfit

Feeling fabulous and artistic at the same time? Express it completely in style with this next college party outfit idea.

Feeling fabulous and artistic at the same time? Express it completely in style with this next college party outfit idea.

Tucked in a relaxed, fit long-sleeve shirt in black paired with cargo pants in any earth-toned colors and leather boots matching colors with your top.

This outfit will not only give you an artistic sense fit for the modern taste but also a bit of a sexy guy feel. Artistic yet not overkill. Also, comfortable to wear for the whole evening, even with a couple of drinks or two.


To elevate the style tenfolds, get this padlock stainless steel necklace on Amazon to look cool in a subtle way.

4. Going Casual For College Party

We guys are used to casual wear, but it can be fashionable with some guidance. This college party fashion idea is apart from the usual looks of it.

Instead of going for the fitted, have its relaxed fit. The baggy appearance creates more room to move, giving it a comfortable feel while making you look more confident. The outfit idea is also very youthful.

Add a cuffed knit beanie and some cool Jordans if you’d like. Some great elevation from typical streetwear.

5. Sporty cap x blazer for College Party

It is right to come as a well-dressed guy for a college party. This outfit idea combines sporty and elegant vibes altogether.

Regular tees underneath are covered by a nice blazer and trousers but paired with sneakers.

Did you know that this kind of urban gentleman’s fashion style is currently popular among men’s fashion nowadays?

Don’t be surprised if most of the dudes go envious and say, “Where’d you get that?!” kind of reaction when you wear this.


Add a more sporty vibe to this outfit by adding your favorite cap and sneakers with it!

6. Summer College Party Outfit For Guys

Going for a summer college party will never be a hassle with this comfortable outfit. Stay hot looking than the summer sun while still feeling comfy, partying all day.

A loose white shirt provides all the comfort you will need. Also, looking hot but not feeling hot under the sun.

The Khaki shorts also offer unrestricted movement for partying hard.

Pairing it with an on-trend bucket hat not only adds to the swag of this outfit but also protects your face from the sun.

That much said, give this outfit idea a try for your next college outdoor party.


White is your best bet for outdoor activities as it reflects most of the sun’s rays.

You will feel less bothered about the summer heat, which means more focus on the college party fun!

7. Guy Outfit Idea For A Banger College Party

Now this one is perfect for a banger college party. Party all day and all night hard with this rugged denim vest and a jeans combo! Give them the handsome bad boy vibes with your looks.

You don’t have to be muscular to make this outfit work. The statement that this outfit emits is enough to make you look like a party rockstar.

A white or black tank top is your best option for this. Tees will not pair well with this outfit so stick with the tank top for now for more fashion rebel dude feels.


Fingerless gloves would be a nice touch to amp up the identity of this outfit. Accessories with studs too!

But make sure the stud isn’t too sharp, otherwise, the friends around you will get hurt in the dancing party.

8. College Party Jogger Outfit Idea

Here’s a simple college party outfit who wants to party but only have a little time to prepare.

Nice brand-new tees to start and for the best part, go for elegant-looking joggers.

This is to let everyone at the party know that you’re a man who’s always on the go, a very busy man but still doesn’t forgets about looking good and fashionable.

In reality, for us guys, it’s either we spent a lot of time looking for an outfit or going straight to the party. You can’t make us do both. That said, this outfit idea is very perfect for almost every guy.


This could transform from a neat-looking casual fashion into a comfortable rich man outfit.

Slap some watches in there, shades, and a Carhartt baseball cap. (Can someone please explain to me why Carhartt is so popular these days? But really their design and quality are 10/10. )

Also, for the guys who want to cover the man’s boob, check out this article for all tips.

*13 tips to man up!* How to hide gynecomastia FOR REAL

You will thanks me later.

9.  Jump Straight Into Party Outfit

One unique simple outfit idea that will surely pique your interest to be your next college party get-up. Demin Jumper Suit, and yes, you read that correctly.

If you ever had come across some commercial featuring a ripped, handsome hunk on some farm with just the jumper suit on, be honest, you also went to a point where you want to look like that guy.

This outfit idea is almost the same but with tees inside. Only if you want to get in trouble instead of a party.

Think of this as a great way to expose our masculine physique without revealing too much skin like the hunk endorser does.

Also, this is a unique yet fashionable approach for us guys to denim.


Feel free to detach one strap at any side of the jumper suit to add more spiciness to this outfit.

You may also detach them both and let your muscular chest and biceps do the talking like an ice road trucker.

10. College Party Outfit For The Bulky or Chubby Men

I love this layering. Effortlessly stylish without trying too hard.

We don’t care if our body is as cuddly as a bear. We flaunt it no matter what.

Put on your favorite plain tees, not printed, just any tees in mute or dark colors. Find a t-shirt that is more chest fitted and relaxed at the belly to create a muscular illusion.

Have the Flannel tied on your waist and under your tees, baggy fit pants, and then finally, put on that wide-brim fedora hat.


To appear leaner and a bit ripped, stay on the dark, mute colors for the shirt, pants, and fedora, and all three should match the color tone or the color entirely.

Let the shoes and the flannel do the contrast details for extra pop and glam on this outfit.


So here you go guys, here’re the 10 college party outfits for guys. What are your thoughts on that?

I hope now you’ve pinned down your final look and GO ALL IN on your coming college night. After all, as the quote said, “You can always re-take a class. But you can never re-live a party”.

Looking for more tricks and tips? Check out the popular read below. See you bro!

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