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dress like gentleman casually

Wondering how to dress like a gentleman casually? You’ve come to the right place bro.

Some of you may think gentleman’s style is so hard to carry as you have to dress so formally in a blazer, bow tie, and all that stuff.

Well, what about forgetting the stereotype?

With some clever and exciting tricks, you CAN dress like a gentleman in a casual way of sure.

This leads me to share this knowledge of 10 How To Dress Like A Gentleman Casual with my fellow guys.

Ways that I wish I had known from the start to elevate my look from a caveman to a gentleman.


1. Dress like a gentleman in black monotone

Black monochrome outfits have a sophisticated automatic appeal in fashion when worn.

And guess what, monotone unites your figure and makes you appear to be taller and slimmer.

Layering in textures and details can elevate muted outfits like all-black casuals into a gentleman-worthy getup.

A wool or knitted cardigan paired with slim/relaxed fitted sweatpants or wool pants provides the texture you want for a muted-colored outfit.

Then a regular black V-neck shirt underneath. For good contrast, wear a sneaker that is not totally black.


No baggy or loose fit should be used for this kind of gentlemanly look. Fit matters if you want to nail this.

2. How to Look Dapper with a Red Outfit

Red is so classic. If you want to signal to others you are a confident man, add an extra pop of red to your get-up is always a good idea.

How to dress dapper man
Source: Lookastic

Pair it with White to create a level of contrast enough to tame that dominating red color. White will do the trick.

A long sleeve white shirt that you can roll the sleeves up for a handsome contemporary look, paired with red pants and a sneaker playing on a darker shade of red than your pants.

Voila, you have a Valentino outfit that can captivate hearts as you walk on the street or post it on your Instagram for more hearts.

Man, does it sound tempting to look like a heartthrob that stuns every lady who will lay eyes on you?

3. A Casual and Classic Gentleman’s Look

A suspender is one major component of a formal outfit but also can be a standalone alternative casual outfit without the suit.

Elevate any shirt and trouser combination into a casual Bordeaux gentleman look with a simple addition of a suspender.

Very easy to do but very classy to look at.


A smart man knows how to pick the shirt’s pattern to his favor.

A vertically striped shirt can make you appear taller and leaner.

Of course, if you want to make your chest and upper body overall look wider, horizontal stripes are the right way to go.

4. Achieve a Gentleman Look with a Polo Shirt

gentleman polo shirt outfit ideas
Get this gallant looking Polo Shirt on Amazon

There is nothing more straightforward to achieve such gentlemanly looks than with a polo shirt.

Some guys might still argue that such a simple polo shirt can give you a look of a gentleman.

It can be correct, especially if you don’t consider it the right fit for you.

The elegance and chic appearance of a polo shirt lie in the correct fitting with its wearer.

It should be fitted on the chest and sleeves area giving a more lean and slick appeal.

Pants also play a significant part in elegantly wearing a polo shirt.

Jeans might be giving a random hit or miss with your polo shirt outfit, so why not be on a trouser or chinos with a relaxed fit?

Consider these the next time you wear a polo shirt and see the drastic improvement.

5. What is a Gentleman Without a Hat

To dress like a gentleman without appearing to be trying too hard, add a hat to your regular outfit just seal the deal.

Even in the 1950s, hats were necessary for men to look like gentlemen.

You cannot argue about the elegance and classic vibe it brings to almost any outfit.

And NO, I am not talking about your baseball caps.

I am talking about Pork Pie hats, Fedoras, Classic Bowler Hats, Driver Hats, boaters, and the very classy and expensive Panama Hats.

Even if you dress casually with a camouflage top and jeans, just the clever addition of any of these hats will make you look dapper and gentlemanly.


Two of my favorite – are a Fedora hat and a Driver hat on Amazon.

Seriously, whenever I wear them people will think I am effortlessly classy.

Also, sport in your best pair of leathers!

Leather shoes or boots pair well with any formal hat and can transform your outfit from casual to gentlemanly.

6. A Casual Handsome Gentleman Look

Knitted cardigans or sweaters are just plain yet cozy clothing we could wear casually.

But if you use these as an alternative for a suit or coat, it would give a different level of handsome appeal.

A formal collared shirt and a necktie paired with a knitted cardigan or sweater can make a smart casual outfit with little to no effort.

It can serve as your after-work or after-school outfit, ensuring you still look like a handsome man next door even when you’re about to end your day.

7. Collared shirt with V-neck sweater

If you want to look sleek, a collared shirt with a big V-neck sweater is the golden formula.

Try that out, bro.

8. Looking Sharp with a Leather Jacket

how to dress like a gentleman in casual outfits
Source: Society19.com

Who said leather jackets don’t look dapper and gentlemanly?

As long as it is on the right fit. It looks handsomely refined, not too loose like a puffer jacket or tight like spandex.

Also, be a minimalist to make it less funky and more classy. All black is excellent and enough if you have a black leather jacket.


A sophisticated and gentlemanly look lies within the simplicity of the outfit.

A leather jacket with fewer chains, studs, or adornments is ideal. Lesser fuzz, more refined appeal for you.

9. Neckline matters

If you see a cardigan with this type of neckline, GRAB IT.

This specific design just looks somehow preppy but not in a formal way.

10. Slick Way of Transforming a Casual Outfit

How to transform a men’s outfit from a casual one into a more formal one without changing anything to it?

The answer: Change the way it is usually worn.

A shirt with plaid pants is very casual.

Tuck in the shirt, wear the pants above your waist, and see the instant difference.

This style is inspired by how men wear their pants and shirt underneath a white tie dress code, which is the highest formality in men’s dress code, by the way.


Increase the sophistication and formality by doing some ironing with your plaid pants.

Make those sharp vertical creases appear and transform them from casual pants into formal-looking ones without buying a new pair.

A Hat can be a nice touch but is very optional.

11. Fundamental of a Gentleman’s Look

Hairstyles for how to dress like a gentleman in casual outfits
Source: thevou

Most important of them all. This should be the pillar step to looking like a gentleman with casual outfits is doing a clean haircut.

It doesn’t matter how expensive, sophisticated, and intricate your process of achieving your men’s wear is.

If you look like a caveman with your hair, you can kiss that gentleman looks goodbye.

Taking care of those hairstyles and facial hairs plays a significant part in a gentleman’s lifestyle.

Have a haircut, have a haircare routine, fix your hair to perfection, and don’t forget to trim those beards and mustaches.


There you have it! Turning our fashion statement and looking pleasing and chic gentleman with 10 How To Dress Like A Gentleman Casual.

At the end of the day, these fashion tips are just guidance on how to elevate our looks to become gentlemanly.

Everything still depends on our daily actions, attitude towards others, and personal hygiene that will make us look and feel like true gentlemen.

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