*24 Outfit hacks & more!*How to MAN UP in ALL aspect

Time to level up bro
how to man up masculine man

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Wondering how to man up in life? I’ve got you covered, bro.

I know why you are here. You are the adult man who thought you are doing pretty well until the day when the girls around you casually describe you as the “cute guy”.

Been there too and I hate that C word as much as you do.

But over the years, I’ve evolved and now it’s my turn to share these 24 tips on how to look and act more masculine like an Alpha male.

Ready to man up? Keep on reading!

1. Embrace a high-neck top or turtleneck

how to dress more masculine

I am dead serious bro. High-neck symbolizes authority in the subconscious mind.

2. Get your suit tailored

This is one of the best investments you can get.

Of course, wear fitted clothes in general and tell others you are comfortable with yourself.

3. Man up in the face with a more defined jawline

Manliness takes effort, there’s no shortcut. I tried this 5 minutes jaw exercise on youtube and that really makes a difference. Try it if you want.

4. Roll up your sleeve to look taller

It just looks way more masculine. And guess what, by showing part of your lower arms, visually your figure will be elongated and appear to be taller.

Don’t trust me? Try it out!

5. Wear a structured coat to broaden the shoulder

Basically, everything that makes your shoulders look broader can man you up in an instant. Don’t be surprised why these men’s shoulder pads sell so well on Amazon.

Don’t be so innocent and thought every dude just looks effortlessly masculine.

6. Man up with the right type of shoes

Pointy-toe shoes can achieve a sleek, smart look rather than round-toes.

7. Hide the man’s boob

According to my friend, this boob tape works way better than the nipple cover (it doesn’t suppress your man boob).

Of course, these compression tops are a must-have. Thanks me later man.

8. How to man up and talk to a girl?

Want to stay on top of the dating game? Use pheromone-infused (A kind of sex hormone that exists in our body) cologne to boost your (sexual) attractiveness. If you want to know the science behind it, check out Better help’s research.

Not gonna lie, I’ve been using a ton of pheromone perfume but not all of them are of high quality. Now I am stuck with the Pure instinct brand pheromone roll-on – so handy and effective!

9. Swap the regular tee for a fitted Henley

Get this henley shirt on Amazon

Man up in an instant. Of course, don’t button all the way up. It’s all about the details people.

10. For some of you, please grow a bread

For the baby face dude out there.

11. Do the powerful hand gesture

Life is easier when you know more – especially the power of hand gestures. Do a deep search on youtube and you’ll be amazed at how much more powerful you appear when you talk.

Source: Business Insider & Screengrab from ABC

If you can only learn one, let your palms face each other with the fingers steepled. That symbolizes you are authoritative.


Learning to be a high-power poser is one of the best skill sets to man up, check out more about the science behind it from TIMES.

And guess what, according to a 2010 study from Harvard and Columbia, it shows that closed body language actually lowers testosterone and makes you feel inferior.


Instead, embrace open body language like using slightly big hand movements or as simple as holding your head high.

That may not sound natural at first but trust me, practice makes perfect.

13. How to walk more masculine? No duck feet

Promise me you will have the right foot position from now on.

14. Keep your promise

A real man may not promise people often, but when he does, he keeps it through. That’s how you gain respect from people and man up in life.

15. Respect EVERYONE regardless of background

As the quote says “A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person”.

Don’t be that lame guy.

16. Take responsibility

Taking the responsibility to feed the family and the people around you is the most masculine thing you can do.

17. Stop worrying about being liked or not

You are confident enough to not be a people pleaser. As a mature man, you stay firm on your stance and embrace different voices at the same time.

18. Train a deeper voice

Guess what, you can get a deep voice naturally – there are tons of tutorials on youtube!

Trust me, you will be amazed how your natural deep voice that different from your actual voice. Level up your game friend!

19. Learn how to say “NO”

A real man knows how to say NO and when to say NO. Acknowledge the fact that your time and energy are precious.

Trust me, people just won’t treasure you if you are the YES man. That’s just the truth.

20. Being a “Workaholic” isn’t that cool anymore

A real man knows how to achieve a sweet balance in life between family, friends, hobbies, work, and more.

21. How to man up in a relationship?

We men always avoid tough conversations and bury our emotions deep down until they explode one day. That’s just so wrong.

Opening up to your partner is not a weak sign, but a masculine and mature one for a gentleman to up.

22. Act more masculine in a relationship by setting boundaries

Now you have opened up with your partner, it’s time to set boundaries that are mutually agreed on by both of you.

If you want some personal cool, set boundaries with your partner and let her know your need.

23. A real man won’t treat his wife as a maid

Need I say more?

24. Don’t try too hard

Don’t wear too 5 big designer brand logos in one outfit, it just looks like you are the flashy kid who wants to prove to everyone you’ve made it.

And also, you will look exactly like an advertisement board. Don’t do that.


So there you go bro- the 24 tips to man up in life and look more masculine. What are your thoughts on that?

I hope some of the tips are new to you and now it’s time to level up in your own way. YOU CAN DO THAT.

Looking for more men’s fashion tips? Check out my most popular read below. See you!

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