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how to hide gynecomastia man boobs

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Whatever you call – man’s boobs, moobs, gynecomastia, or chest fat, they are the most annoying thing ever.

No joke here, research has found that many teen boys and adult men suffered from anxiety, low-esteem, and depression due to the “man boobs”.

So before all the tips, I just want to give you a big hug and reassure you that you are NOT ALONE. There’re definitely ways to make things better and let’s hang in there, alright bro?

Below, I’ve gathered 13 ways to hide gynecomastia. To dig out all possible tips and hacks, I’ve got a good 3 days checking all the youtube videos, forums, research, and of course, my personal experience.

Hopefully, you’ll get some new tips!

1. Hide gynecomastia with colorblock

Let’s talk about the basics first, shall we? During my research, I realize almost 70% of the guys are wearing black tee or tops in order to hide their man’s boobs.

And most of them think the moobs restrict their fashion style to a large extent.

Well, that’s just not true.

At least, you can try the color block shirt and sweater. It just boosts the style tenfolds.

how to hide moob in clothes
Get this color block sweater on Amazon

Of course, you want to make sure the black color block is wide enough to cover the man’s boobs.

Seriously, color block shirt is just way better than wearing a black tee every day. Add some variations dude.

2. How to hide moobs in school

The tip is simple but just nail the work – wear a shirt with double front pockets. (I saw that from Youtube comment – always find gems there)

how to hide moobs in school
Get this two pockets shirt on Amazon

This shirt from this on-trend workwear brand Carhartt is perfection. The best part? I had one and I can confirm the material is thick.

Seriously, people can NEVER guess you can moobs, the pockets just cover that all.

So good news here bro – now you know you can go for the rugged, workwear style of clothes. So cool.

3. Heavy Cotton > Light Cotton

hide flappy nipples with thick cotton clothes
Source: GP Lifestyle (Youtube Channel)

Guess what, picking the wrong tee will make your man boobs look even bigger than it is. It’s time to level up your game and go for the tee with heavier cotton material that covers everything.

Other nice choices:

  • Chambray shirt
  • woven shirt (Classy pick of all time)

4. Wear a compression shirt for flappy nipples

compression shirt to hide gyno
Get this compression tank on Amazon

Need I say more? The compression shirt definitely helps. With 30% Nylon and 70% Spandex, this shirt does a great job of hiding the gyno and also the belly. 100% confidence booster.

I know there’s one with the front zipper but I don’t recommend it as easily shows under a shirt.

5. How to hide gynecomastia on a budget

If you don’t have a budget to buy a compression shirt (I do think that’s an investment though), you can just wear your usual shirt and size down.

If the chest flat is not serious, you can definitely get away with it.

6. Don’t draw eyes to the chest area

Common sense is not common. If you hide the gynecomastia, avoid wearing low-neck shirts that draw attention to the chest area.

I’d say a round-neck top is better than V-neck as the inverted V-line will draw eyes to download.

Also, avoid wearing necklaces -especially the gold chunky ones that scream attention.

7. Patterns can help A LOT

Prints and patterns are your best friend, but not all of them can create the same effect.

I’d say the asymmetrical busy prints with vibrant color can gives the best illusion.

how to hide flappy nipples
Source: Amazon

The patterns should be big and distracting enough, that’s why a light blue polka dot shirt may not be the best choice here.

8. How to hide moobs in summer

Despite the outerwear layering tips that everyone knows, what about wearing a light scarf in summer?

How to hide moob in summer
Source: Pinterest

Throw on a hot day friendly cotton-linen wrap like this one for a monochromatic look and just look oh-so-stylish.


9. How to hide gynecomastia at the beach

Of course, to hide the man boob’s at the beach, you need a cover-up.

The point here is don’t do it obviously and make others question why you are wearing a top under the baking Sun.

To get away with this, throw on a fedora hat and boho necklace so people will naturally think you are doing this for style.

10. Hide gynecomastia with an aid band

If your gyno is not too obvious, you can definitely get away with the aid band. That said, you have to make sure the aid band is big enough to cover and supportive enough to do the stretch.

Among all type of aid band, This one-size Adhesive Bandage performs THE BEST. No falling off, no itch, and give the support we want.

This brand also has bandages for different skin colors, I truly appreciate how inclusive it is.

11. How to hide moobs with KT Tape

If your moobs need some extra support, go for the KT tape – it just works AMAZING.

how to hide moobs with tape
Source: Devon Spears (Youtube channel)

Of course, you will need to circle cotton pad (I pick the non-sensitive one here) to cover your nipple before applying the KT tape – NEVER stick the tape directly to your nipple – that’s a nightmare.

12. Get rid of a flabby chest with the RIGHT workout

Needless to say, pushups and pull up can definitely help in reducing chest fat. The gyno will not go – but WAY BETTER.

To be specific, target the upper chest workout. So your man boobs won’t stick out as much which is on the lower part of the chest. It’s all about the proportions and illusions.

Don’t be lazy bro.

13. How to get rid of moobs without weights?Supplement

If you are in your puberty, that’s a GOLDEN CHANCE for your to take supplements and minimize the moobs.

I mean, at least when you look back on the teenage years, you know you’ve done whatever you can to minimize the gyno.

As for the adult man, let’s keep it real here – taking supplements may not be as useful as the teen boys as you’ve already fully grown.

But I know that helps greatly too, the dudes from Youtube also share taking supplements and his man boob isn’t that obvious at all.

According to 2014 research, there are a total of 5 supplements that can naturally fight off gynecomastia to a certain extent.

  • CHOLINE (This Natural way’s Choline is working great for me – from Iherb)
  • VITAMIN E (Too many good brands so I don’t recommend them here)

As a disclaimer, I am not a doctor or medical professional and I am not providing professional advice.

The use of supplements must however be initiated upon a practitioner’s recommendation. 


So there you go bro – the 13 styling tips and other tricks to hide your gynecomastia in both the short term and long term. What are your thoughts on that? I hope you find this helpful!

At the end of the day, it’s all about accepting our “flaws” and embracing ourselves as the perfect imperfection.

We don’t need to be the hot A&F models to be happy, all we need is to be peaceful and kind to our own bodies.

If you are finding this helpful, please share on social media and let more bros know about these tips!

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