*2023* How to dress southern man? 10 outfit elements!

Southerners have excellent fashion taste in their outfits. It is always chic, classy, contemporary looking, and fabulously appealing whether a male or a female Southerner.

That comes as an inspiration to make an entry about 10 How To Dress Southern Man. Guides, tips, and some trivia along the way will help us look like a gentleman from the Deep South.

HOW TO dress southern man
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So buckle up those belts and ride your horses as we go all-in like a Marlboro Man, and put this list on the road to start!

1. Southern Outfit with Suspenders

Southerners are known to be polite and charming – and well, sometimes that can be shown through a dandy suspender denim look.

how to dress southern man
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Suspenders provide us comfort and extra support to ensure our formal wear stays dapper and slick.

For Southerners, it is a part of their everyday casual attire.

A pastel or light-colored long-sleeved button-down shirt paired with dashing dark blue denim pants makes you the definition of “cool” from top to bottom.

Then the contrast of rugged appeal brought by the leather suspender and shoes makes everything look dandy and chic.


Apart from the usual get-go that a suspender’s loop should match the color of the leather shoes on an outfit, a true Southerner fashion style doesn’t go by this.

Instead, they focused more on fashion details that make each outfit look presentable, neat, and polite.

2. Plaid and Khaki Southern Gentleman

By far the most simple yet very handsome Southern fashion style for men. Plaids and/or checkered tops paired with Khaki.

Khaki is very neutral in color and simple and semi-formal in fashion. Southerners wear Khakis professionally and creatively.

Pair a Khaki with a plaid olive green top accessorized with a leather belt.

It would give you a monochromatic appeal by pairing two earthly tones and that additional layer brought by the leather belt.


It would be suggested that the belt and the shoes be in matching colors to look gentlemanly and fashionable.

3. Southern Staple Ties

Aside from khakis, plaid, and checkered tops, southern men’s fashion doesn’t end by pairing them both, and that’s it.

Bow ties and neckties are staples for southerner men’s fashion.

Here’s where they express their creativity and personality towards their own outfit.

Sandals, too, are not worn ironically for southern guys.

Just be wary, though. As comfortably tempting as it might be, don’t wear socks with a sandal.

It would definitely raise the brows of the Southerners.

4. The Warmth of Southern Outfits

Southerners love warm, neutral, and earthly tones.

One way to provide good contrast when wearing it all out with one tone is to pair it with denim, another Southern favorite.

Effortless, chic, contemporary. Straightforward southern men’s fashion.

5. Vest for Southern Casual Wear

Vests have played a considerable role in southern male fashion and have been there for ages.

how to dress southern man
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Quilted vest, puffer vest, leather, denim, plaid, all for the love of vest, you name it, they wore it proudly and gentlemanly.

I love the look of this Neck Vest because the style and color are very Southern.

It also pairs well with jeans and can be paired with almost any leather shoe bearing the same color shade.

6. Make it More Southerner

Leather jackets are shared with other fashion statements, not only for the southern male fashion.

How do they make a leather jacket outfit a natural Southern feel? A tucked-in ribbed henley shirt underneath.

The strong and sleek appeal of the leather jacket is contrasted by a comfortable, neat, and warm-looking Henley.

Making an outfit that is very contemporary and has a Southerner vibe.

Add a felt hat and suede shoes in matching colors, and you have a very manly and dapper Southern casual outfit.

7. A Nashville Daily Outfit

You can call this a southern men’s fashion hack.

how to dress southern man
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A cowboy hat, tucked-in top, snug-fit jeans, and cool leather belts. It’s a plus if it has an awesome buckle.

Voila, you’re done with a gentleman’s rodeo outfit that is very southerner-looking. That easy!

8. A Summer Day at the South

For most men, we see loafers and boat shoes meant for formal outfits. But for our southern fellow men, it is just a staple for their casual attires.

That’s how classy they are in how they dress.

A plain white T-shirt is elevated by pairing it with fashionable shorts in earthly colors and loafers.

Who would have thought that these plain and very simple-looking pieces of clothing could make a very contemporary and dandy outfit when put together nicely?

And as the Southerner goes, still no socks even for the loafers.


When a southern man wears shorts, they don’t go for cargo shorts.

Those extra pockets are good, but for stylish Southerners, those were meant for a hiking or fishing trip, not for an outfit.

9. Southern Style Modern Mix

Achieving a Southern fashion look is relatively easy.

It is not such a dress code with strict dos and don’ts.

how to dress southern man
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Feel free to experiment with the combinations by incorporating your usual wardrobe with their fashion-style staples.

Instead of a trouser, wear Khaki pants and flex a nice leather belt.

From a suit or coat, have a brown leather jacket rather.

Just by that, you transformed your usual semi-formal outfit into a southern, semi-formal one.


You can look more southerner if you pair this outfit with a necktie with prints or a design that suits your personality.

10. The Sophisticated Southern Men Look

Here’s a great example of a Southern gentleman who is not afraid to embrace colors. Incorporating them into a southern-style outfit, turning them into stylish and dapper gents wear.

You’ll see a lot of southern male fashion staples, from plaids to sockless loafers and that cool dandy hat.

That’s one positive trait of southern outfits, comfort and style must be unity.


That concludes our list of 10 How To Dress Southern Man that is carefully made to fit for up-to-date fashion taste of the general consensus.

Gentlemen Southerners are known to be charitable, polite, and kind regardless of their age. They won’t make an issue out of people trying to dress just like them.

But there is good stuff Southerners could share with us to copy aside from their fashion taste. And yes, that is being charitable, kind and polite.

Have you enjoyed our entry? Check out other popular reads below, and I will see you next time!

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