*Look rich hacks!*10 Boujee men’s outfits (on a budget)

Keeping it high-class and humble

Fashion comes and goes but guesses what, the Boujee style is here to stay. As a perfect blend of ultramodern and expensive taste, dress Boujee is not just a trend but a lifestyle.

So here’s the question: Do I need to invest much in order to achieve a boujee look? Well, not at all. With the right picks, you can definitely look expensive on a budget.

In that case, I’ve gathered 10 Boujee Outfit for Guys that is a perfect match for you.

Ready to look expensive? Let’s go!

1. How to look rich casual

When it comes to the Boujee look, you want to look expensive and sleek at the same time.

Stay classy throughout the day in any event or just a stroll at the mall with a preppy outfit.

Be smart-looking with a light-toned button-down shirt that will make you stand out from the crowd with a combination of chinos or trousers in a natural tone.

Everybody will see you in a classy but humble way.

A light-toned cardigan would complete your preppy look. It just boosts the bougie vibes tenfolds when you tie the sleeves around your neck.


To look Boujee, pick the colors right.

Instead of going for bold, bright hues, pick neutrals and low-saturation colors.

Some of the most-used Boujee colors are black, grey, navy, beige, brown, and burgundy. And these days, burnt orange is the great one!

2. Smart Semi-Formal Boujee for Guys

Presenting yourself as an elegant man without knowing how to bring that to a family gathering will make you shiver down to your toes. Well, I got your back, man.

A fitted waistcoat just hit differently when it comes to the Boujee style.

Together with a white button-down shirt and well-fitted brown chinos on a brown tone and crisp white sneakers, this is such a look.

And this type of eyeglasses just screams the hot professor vibes to the fullest.


If you want to appear to be sleek and taller, roll up those sleeves just below your elbow. This will elongate your figure visually and make you look more put-together.

3. The Classy-Art Boujee

Want to look expensive on a budget, go for a monochromatic look. Why? Because it just look effortlessly high fashion.

These outfits weirdly unique looks gained popularity on the internet due to their oddly-satisfying appeal in style. I mean, men in a structured long coats always look so classy.

A classy, unique style starts off with a minimal look of a white turtleneck and a black wool trench coat.

This gives off an elegant vibe to whoever sees you. Trimmed black chinos and boots will execute the rich, sophisticated outfit.


Trench Coats don’t have to be full of decorations; few but unique artistic designs are ideal. Stay with the concept of this outfit; sophisticated art meets unique boldness.

4. How to dress boujee guys? Silk or satin

When we hear the word luxury, one thing on our mind can be silk, a symbol of wealth. So why not show off that loaded look as a statement in fashion.

Flex those muscles with a body-fit silk button-up shirt. This fabric surely accents those biceps, and triceps ladies will flock around to be with you. 

Of course, to do it on budget, I’d say go for the satin shirt instead – equally luxurious.

A pair of slim-fit chinos or trousers and derby shoes will bring out the best side of you.


Choose a medium to a dark-toned shirt and unbutton one or two to emphasize those bulky muscles.

If you want to dress down the look, swap the shoes for moccasins or casual loafers. Check out my picks bro.

5. Modern All-white Boujee look

A fashionable mix of modern and retro is perfect for a boujee. Need I say more? A white suit set looks so dope.

Bring out the lavish nostalgic vibe with any colorful printed button-up shirt. To make it clean and modern, we pair it with a white blazer, slim-fit trousers, and black leather loafers.


Finalize your modern-day disco with some aviator square sunglasses and unbutton two or three to look chill.

6. Hip-Hop Boujee

As we speak about being both cool and well-off, we intend to show people that we men can do both simultaneously.

Kick in some black turtleneck and faux shearling denim jacket to flaunt that chillax vibe. Black denim jeans and light-toned combat boots for da bomb energy.

The Faux Shearling Jacket is hot to wear, so make sure to wear it in the cold season.


To make your look excessive, pair it with a couple of gold chain necklaces (Not the chunky style) that will keep its thrill factor.

7. Smart Casual Boujee in winter

When the days are chilly out there, unmask a rich mood in you with a fitted white turtleneck.

Look like a lowkey high-class dapper in a comfortable light-toned shirt/turtleneck, cotton blazer, cropped trousers, and a velvet slipper loafer that looks dope.


To look rich in style, choose only warm-tone colors for your outfits and stick to a velvet loafer. Of course, don’t you dare forget to accessorize with a simple silver chain necklace and a silver watch.

8. How to look expensive for guys

One of the timeless styles is patterned clothing. A kind of clothing that will make you look both sleek and affluent.

But not all can afford expensive outfits. Let’s make our typical habit as a guy, picking right out of our closets!

Be bold and versatile with a shirt, a symmetrical patterned coat and pants, and platform sneakers. With these, your everyday life will stunt you with people complimenting you on how you look extra.

Keeping a minimal color when choosing your wardrobe is a must. 


For white-toned dudes, you can choose a white shirt, medium to dark-toned coat, and pants. 

For medium to dark-toned dudes, do it vice-versa. Black shirt, light or warm-toned coat and pants, and black sneakers. 

9. Kinda Rebel, Kinda Boujee

Simple, rugged, and boujee are enough to tell them how extravagant you are.

Whether you look like a biker or a rockstar, ladies will dig hard just to get a glimpse of you with this outfit.

Take the dare boldly and achieve the look of both evil and rich simultaneously with a black shirt and a black leather jacket to pull off that rockstar look.

Make those black denim jeans and black Dr. Martens boots stand out by pairing them with a jeans chain.

10. Edgy Boujee Black look

Boujee doesn’t have one definition and guess what, this outfit just scream “I’ve confident and I OWN it”.

While others may call out this gay, most people appreciate the daring vibe in men’s fashion. We should broaden our senses with style like this as we can see this on fashion runways!

Have the confidence to wear this, as you will be a head-turner with your unique and daring fashion statement.

This is perfect for men who have great pride regardless of their body physique. A Mesh shirt (you can wear a black tee underneath if you want to), a fedora hat, and oxford shoes are all you will need to pull off this bold fashion outfit.


Be edgy by sticking into a black colored outfit. You may wear any silver or gold chain necklace, bracelet, or ring to stand out more.


And that’s a wrap with our 10 Boujee Outfits for Guys! What do you think of these? 

I hope this wide range of styles can promote inclusivity in men’s fashion. I mean, the world will be way better when we are all confident and respect each other’s fashion tastes. How cool is that?

Looking for more fashion tips? Check out my popular reads below!

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