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I don’t know about you but ever since 12 years old, I am the “Shoes speak louder than words” type of guy. I still vividly remember how over the moon I was when I got my first pair of Air Jordan – definitely one of my core memories in life.

So now congrats bro – you’ve got your statement Jordans. The next step? I’d say pull off a swag outfit from head to toe that gonna make you feel Oh-so-good.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 10 real-life cool outfits with Jordans along with some styling hacks.

Ready? Get inspired with ALL KINDS of swag.

Current status: Too busy securing new sneakers.

1. Jordans x Bucket hats

To kick up your level of swag, get that “I don’t care about what people say” attitude right. Be confident, stand tall and you will look effortlessly chic in everything.

Speaking of one of the failproof combos, pair up your classic black and white Jordans with the in-style bucket hat and the plain grey sweatpants that look as minimalist as it looks in style.


To stand out from the crowd from the bucket hat trends, pick the ones with prints and special textures that add extra style.

This dude keeps the look sleek by picking only black and grey as the two main hues.

2. Jordans x Flannel

Jordan I pairs well with any flannels that match the color of your J’s. Match a flannel with your AJ 1’s color, not vice versa. Combine with black tees underneath and ripped wash-out jeans, and BAM!

Easy drip outfit while sporting your Jordan.

Flannels are very comfortable to wear and surprisingly manly when left unbuttoned. It gives this “beast unleashed” kinda thing, and when partnered with a set of Jordan kicks? Well, who’s gonna dare block your way.


Grab some statement caps with it and maybe some chains too.

3. Jordans x Hoodie x  Shorts

Hit like a truck while tip-toe wing in your jawwdinz. A trucker jacket with MJs? Not a bad ring to it, right?

Go big and heavy with a hoodie underneath and covered with this trucker jacket. Just make sure that your hoodie is on a lighter tone than your jacket, or else you’ll look like board first, hoops later ironic.

The best part emphasizing those sneakers. Choose athletic shorts with a color that matches your kicks.

Eyes will go ape as they don’t know which part to look at you first because you are packing heat from head to toe.

4. Jordans x Terno Joggers

Need I say more? This look is dope.

His yellow Jordan IV infected his whole body, starting from the feet, and transformed him into a swag sneakerhead.

Why don’t we take inspiration from our guy and sport it with our own Jordans?

I guess matching brands or sticking with one brand is not necessary.

The main logic of this whole outfit, from the joggers to the hoodies to the bucket head, should be the same patterns and color combo.

I love that he chooses horizontal lines as a pattern to create an illusion of being wider and bulkier. But if you are already muscular or stocky, go for a vertical design instead.

5. Jordans x Varsity Jacket

Same as how Mike WiLL Made-It. Varsity jacket, neat looks, and your J’s on.

It’s an everyday swag outfit with your Jordans, which you may also bring with some occasions for an intentional show-stopping entrance as you walk in.

This is also perfect for any Jordans, whether it’s L.E., collabs, retro J’s, or colorways.

Choosing just regular white tees and light-toned chinos is a lovely touch for semi-formal appeal, ergonomic vibes, and versatility for any event. Just the average day for J walkin’.

6. Jordans x Oversized Shirt

With this kind of outfit, it’s Jordan’s spotlight. This is how you low-key flex your high-costing Jordan to the masses without saying a single word.

Oversized shirt printed or nonprinted, and ripped jeans. No biggie here, right? Because that is precisely the point! The main event is on the feet, my gents.

You would want this outfit with a pair of Jordan that others will be kept on display and not wearing due to its costly value.

See necks prepared to do a 360-degree turn just to see every step you make flexin’ those rare J’s.

7. Jordans x Overall Jumpsuit

I’d be brutally honest with this one.

The first time I wore this kind of trend for myself with regular sneakers, it was a complete disaster. I looked so lame, men! It is simple looking yet tough to pull off confidently.

But when I tried it again with my Jordan, it went from zero to hero real quick. Which is the same thing you would expect if you try this outfit with your own sniffs.

Feel like an Air Jedi with a force to turn around an overall jumpsuit into a dope fashion statement with just the addition of a pair of Js is truly a Jordan-logic.


Stick with a lighter shade of denim for your overalls, and any light-colored oversized tees would be great; white is perfect, IMO. The concept here is to make your Jordans be emphasized more. It would be a chain reaction of Swag after that.

8. Jordans x Fur Coat

Prepared to get space jammed with casual tees, joggers, and a fur coat. Wait, what? A faux fur coat?

Let’s say it is one way to turn a cold season into a warmer one with your looks and fashion sense. You’ll look even hotter with your ice-melting Jordans.

With this kind of outfit trend? Even a dragon would want to retire due to your smoldering looks.


Don’t be shy to put some chains on along with this outfit.

9. Jordans x Hoodie Jacket

Hoodies are typical. Hoodies and cargo pants are also standard. But a baggy hoodie, loose-fit cargo pants, and a Jordan? Now we’re talkin’ business.

Be a fashion ninja slicing through and making a statement as you walk. Depending on your choice, you can go minimalist or creatively bold with the color combination.


In choosing color combinations for this outfit, one should consider the skin tone and the color of your Jordans. Clashing color combos might ruin this outfit idea.

10. Jordans x Leather Jacket

Let your inner Popstar go out within your soul with a dashing leather jacket hoodie and Jordan combo.

A fiery rubber with sharp leather. You know exactly what to expect when these two are put in you. Looking cool will become an understatement for this one. Choose dark matching colors for this outfit to make it pop a lot more, just like the example I gave you.

The image shows how to pull this off properly, although I have one minor concern. If only the shirt under the jacket matched the red color of the Jordan, it would be 100% perfect for me. But we have our own fashion taste, so yeah!


WHAM! We’re done! This is your 10 swag outfits for guys with Jordans made for fellow sneakerhead guys out there.

The popularity of Jordans is undoubtedly and unarguably undisputed. Its ability to elevate almost any outfit into a cool-looking fashion statement is truly remarkable.

With that said, it boosts our confidence and fashion appeal, but staying humble at the same time is really something.

Remember to keep your feet on the ground. That is way more awesome than the shoes themselves.

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