10 guys outfits + tips to wear with red vans & be cool bro

Add an extra pop of red
what to wear with red vans guys

Wondering what to wear with red vans? You’ve come to the right place dude.

Vans has been a staple powerhouse in the brands for shoes. Featuring a casual and versatile design, we can wear them 24/7.

Especially when Van’s fans like Tony Hawk and the Wildboyz, Chris, and Steve-O are still one of our fashion icons.

And let’s not forget their approach to marketing their brand as the best for skateboarding really rules out. Smart move, Vans!

But admit it, sometimes we just don’t know how to style red vans. We have already seen the skater-boy look, Punk Rock, Emo Bands, and Leather Jackets. We need something in the current trend.

Well, look no further as I will give you 10 failproof Red Vans combo. Something fresh, innovative, and, most importantly, not dated.

Put on those bold sneakers, and we are good to go!

1. The Red Vans Smart Casual look

what to wear with red vans guys

Long-sleeved shirt on top with long-sleeved button downed shirt underneath.

Paired with neutral-toned chinos, that is an absolutely smart-looking choice. And the main attraction, the red checkered Vans.

It is a true departure from the skater looks of that Vans’ signature look.

I can see fellow guys wearing this for smart casual events and even for a daily corporate job. Instead of grinding rails, it will be crunching numbers.

The choice of blue shades for the two shirts here is very well coordinated with the contrast of the strong red Vans.

While the neutral-toned pants serve as a bridge to balance that said contrast.


You can play with your prints for the shirt. You could go horizontal stripes to bulk your upper body up.

You may opt to choose vertical stripes to look taller and leaner.

The choice is all yours.

By the way, this guy is wearing the checkered vans (check it out bro).

2. Damper in Denim

Because dark blue and red have this excellent chemistry with their contrast, it is no surprise that blue denim works best with red Vans.

A calm, sophisticated, and contemporary urban vibe can be felt just by looking at this outfit inspiration.

You’ll feel no restrictions at all, and it is fashionably amazing to look at, especially when you are the one wearing it.

The incorporation of a long-sleeved light-washed denim top lifted all that intensity from the redness of the sneakers. All thanks to their excellent blending of contrasts.

Still, the pants play a significant role in the equilibrium of this contrast making sure it is balanced and not clashing by staying on a mute color choice like black.

3. Hoodie x red vans

As we said earlier, we are departing from the signature skater-boy look, but what’s a hoodie doing here?

Yes, it is, in fact, a hoodie which is typical for skateboarders. But! The color choice isn’t.

This streetwear style for red Vans is white. That fresh and clean vibe sets it apart from the typical skater-boy look. It is something you can’t put dirt on.

Trust me, it is hard to do laundry on this.

So don’t put it as a skateboarding outfit!

4. High street Red vans outfits

Now we have puffer jackets. Still on black or dark blue, depending on your choice. For the contrast, of course.

This puffer jacket is more of a cool kid appeal. Or I retired from the rails and prefer swagging in fashion instead. You can tell from those tied sweatshirts hanging from his low waist.

It is a handsome winter outfit that definitely looks good with your red Vans.


Put out a statement with your tank top or t-shirt prints. Make the free space useful. Be creative and be bold about it. As bold as your Vans color.

5. Red shirt x red vans look

Why not fight fire with another fire here?

simple red vans outfits guys

Make your standard t-shirt stand out with the help of those red Vans’ strong appeal. Have red or vibrant pink colored tees, then just wear shorts or sweatpants. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

What else could go wrong? See Justin over here? Easy, right?


If you want to look taller, definitely try pairing the top and shoes in a similar hue. That said, your figure will be elongated from head to toe.

Of course, you don’t have to wear the EXACT same shade if you think that’s too matchy. Just get inspired by Justin’s outfits for two different shades of red.

6. Breezy Summer Feel

The sense of comfort is overflowing with this next one.

A buttoned-down white shirt with a relaxed or you can go oversized as well if you want. Then white and black printed pants that are also loose and free-flowing.

It is a unique kind of outfit that you could actually wear for summer.

Still looks dope with red sneakers. I love this effortlessly chic look.

7. Red vans as an extra pop of fun

When in doubt, wear red vans as a pop of fun.

Formality with a red Vans? No problemo! You’ll have no issues with this one if you go for the muted colors for your shirt and trousers.

It doesn’t look awkward, not too busy, and everything still seems right. Although it would pass as fully formal, formality is still there for a semi-formal.

Sneakers sometimes just don’t work with formal clothes.

But we’re talking about strong-colored Vans here. It gives off a strong machismo appeal to anyone who sees it. That’s why it simply does work this time around.

8. Patterns with red vans

Checkered shirt or plaid, as long as there’s a dominant shade of red or pink there? It would definitely work.

This is something you can wear on campus, on your IT job, or just for a regular walk. Almost everything and everywhere, you see. It also looks neat and sharp. Also, easy to achieve.

Whether you go for checks or plaid, remember that pants are the balancer for the top and shoes.


And please, don’t wear checkered Vans if you are going for this kind of look. You will look trying too hard.

9. Floral prints meet red vans

To embrace the fashionista in you, definitely go for floral prints.

This idea will stand out and make you look stunning and dapper. The shades will just coordinate with each other harmoniously without you making much effort.

Just don’t forget to flat iron that shirt into goodness before going for this look. Art prints look better when flat rather than crumpled like a flat iron is chasing after you.

By the way, this red van is the one the floral guy is wearing.

10. The Retro Vibe

My favorite of them all. This retro vibe with a red Vans.

The color combinations are playful yet not so arrogant and clashing. To get the look right, wear a color block tee that just works wonders.

Head to toe is simply just jazzy and classic. Makes you feel young and charismatic once again.


We ground out til the end of our list. These are your 10 What To Wear With Red Vans.

Being a stylish dude who embraces fashion and thinks out of the box. Seriously, we all know how many guys out there know nothing about styling. So NOW it’s the time for you to stand out.

Tell me your thoughts about this one in the comment box below! Feel free to share this on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, check out our other popular reads for more Men’s Fashion tips and guides. See you next time!

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