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Be the party animals
jungle themed party guys outfit

Wondering what to wear to a jungle-themed party? You’ve come to the right place dude.

There are a thousand ways to get dressed for a forest-themed party, but well, there are also a million ways to mess it up.

Will you go for a cosplay, a themed getup, or theme incorporation with your daily wear, and the thinking won’t stop until it gets you nowhere?

I got you, bro. Below, I’ve gathered 10 jungle-themed party ideas that will save you all from the trouble of thinking so hard for the event. From casual to costume, I have it all.

Open up those cages and head starts a party together with our today’s list. Enjoy!

1. Classy Adventurer Look

Dress like you are a dandy adventurer, always hungry for uncharted lands. It is a sophisticated appeal for a semi-formal jungle-themed party.

Matching pants and vest with the color fitted for a safari adventure like khaki or cream. Have a crisp white shirt and tie underneath.

Roll up those sleeves all the way up til your elbows are showing. It gives a sense of adventurous vibes to fit into the party’s theme.

And guess what, showing the ankle out always makes you appear to be taller!


Put on some props! Just like dummy binoculars to make the safari pioneer adventurer looks more legit.

2. Funky animal party outfits

Let’s say you’re in the mood to dress to impress at a jungle-themed party but don’t want to go too cartoony.

Here’s an outfit idea for you.

A very pop, cultured-inspired looks very compatible with the event’s theme.

You can have a full sleeves leopard print shirt acting like a coat, then just put a white t-shirt or white tank top underneath to balance out the boldness.

If you want to look glamorous in animal prints without breaking the bank, a satin leopard print shirt can achieve the exact replica of this outfit look.


To nail this look and achieve a more funky vibe, go for brown for the shoes and the belt.

Aviator glasses in the same color shade work great if you want to do it in a matchy party look.

3. Indiana Jones Costumes for safari party

Of course, you want to look like Indiana Jones for the party! But I made it extra special and unique just for you.

This outfit image is very realistic and doesn’t look like a customer, which is why this is the ideal pattern for an Indiana Jones look.

It gives a contemporary vibe to it.

Most of the components for this look can be readily available in your wardrobe. If not, you can quickly get them separately without breaking the bank.

The Indiana Jones hat will be the trickiest one because these kinds of hats can be super expensive and inefficient, especially if you’ll use it only once.

Here’s a two-gradient ombre hat that you could use that will still help you achieve that incredible treasure hunter looks.

Just so tasteful.


There’s a reason why I mentioned getting them separately rather than buying a costume with everything included. It is for the fit.

The whole outfit won’t look costumey, and you will nail the realistic Indiana Jones looks if everything fits accordingly to your body’s size.

4. For Tarzan and Jane’s Costumes

The jungle will not have a party if the king of the jungle Tarzan and his damsel Jane aren’t attending.

Best and highly suggested jungle-themed party getup for couples.

There is no right or wrong way of doing this kind of look. It’s our jungle man Tarzan!

He doesn’t care how he looks; we all know that. Slap in some leopard prints fabric, and you’re pretty much done.

For fellow guys, you can have it as a skirt style if you want to flaunt those washboard abs, but you may also have it as a semi-dress, flintstone style.

What matters is you and your partner enjoy the party. Along with your costumes, of course.


You may buy pre-made costume sets to avoid the hassle, but if you want pictures of you and your couple more memorable, why not make them your own?

I found a very low-priced but quality leopard print dress. Cut it zig-zag at the bottom, and you have a costume!

It’s a dress but can be made into your Tarzan costume, dude!

Cut off the bust part, a little sewing here in there, and voila! A Tarzan costume that is personally made and is not an expensive trick.

And priceless memories of making your own costume as a couple for the party.

5. Jungle Costume Ideas for Couples

Yet another jungle-themed party costume for couples is Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft kind of approach.

Both characters are trendy and look amazing when partnered.

When your pictures together land on Instagram, expect a lot of positive reactions to them. These are both timeless icons of the jungle ventures.

6. Safari Hawaiian shirt set

When in doubt, go anything tropical is fine.

Costumes don’t have to be with too many adornments. Having it totally paired with the jungle theme of the party is more than enough.

Safari Hawaiian shirt set guys
Get this stylish jungle-themed shirt on Amazon

Take, for example, this matching jungle print shirt and shorts. It is very fitting to the theme and has a tropical jungle characteristic.

Sometimes all you need is simplicity. It is simple but very refreshing, chic, and fashionable.

It’s just universally flattering regardless of your shape and size.

7. Jungle Warfare Outfit for Couples

Time to turn up the heat at the party. Go full Rambo with these jungle warfare outfits for couples.

Black fitted tank top or t-shirt and camouflage leggings or pants, and you’re done!

You have complete control over the kinds of accessories/props that you will incorporate with this look because the outfit is enough to make a jungle warfare statement.

Camouflage bandana, fake bullet belts, and toy guns. These props will make your getup feel that you are both packing some heat.

Be wary of the bullet belts, though.

They may be fake but make sure that the establishment where the jungle-themed party will be held won’t mind it.

8. The Party Animal costume

Animal pajama costumes will surely be a hit and fashionably adorable. What’s a jungle-themed party without animals, correct?

Very comfy, and you can do anything freely at the party without hassle.

A very family-friendly choice as well! Kids will love it, also guys that are kids at heart. Ain’t most of us guys?

Wear it solo, with a couple, or for the whole family like you brought the entire Zoo at the Jungle Party!

9. Shoes for The Jungle-themed Party

Your sneakers won’t slide this time for the Jungle-themed party. Who realistically wears Jordans, Chucks, or skateboard shoes in a jungle?

Leather shoes will be your best bet to nail any kind of outfit for a Jungle-themed party. Or shoes in a brown tone.

May it be boots, loafers, or any kind of leather or brown shoes.

Those pairs that ain’t scared getting itself muddy in the Jungle.

That’s one trick not looking awkward and not ruining your great outfit for the party’s theme.

10. Animal Face Paint or Makeup

It’s your time to flex those makeup skills or just express your animalistic fashion with face and body paints.

The easiest hack for a jungle-themed party that can be paired well with any outfit that can be casual, formal, or your usual party getup.

Not skilled with paints and makeup? No problem! There’s a face paint stencil that will make your animal face paint look like a pro with no professional skills required.


There you have it! Fantastic and animalistic filled list of 10 What To Wear To A Jungle-themed Party.

Treat it as just another party like the one you used to attend.

What you wear should be comfortable for you and will not disrupt other attendees’ party experience. Only the theme is different. Still, it’s a party, and everyone is having fun, which is essential.

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Looking for more outfit ideas? Check out our other popular reads below. See you bro.

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