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Baggy is the new black
baggy sweatpants guys outfit

Wondering how to wear baggy sweatpants and look cool? You’ve come to the right place guys.

Sweatpants are just a humble piece of clothing we wear daily. But man, it is so difficult to come up aside from a sweatshirt hoodie or t-shirt combination.

Forget the typical baggy sweatpants look and say hello with 10 fresh and stylish baggy sweatpants combos I’ve come up with for you.

Different ranges of ideas to maximize your looks and utilize those airy sweatpants.

Make sure to stick until the end for more tips on doing it right with those baggy sweatpants.

Without further ado, keep on reading.

1. Layers x Baggy Sweatpants

To balance off the laidback feel of the baggy sweatpants, I’d say pay effort for the upper body.

Instead of going for a solid shacket, spice up the look by opting for classic plaid prints.

Of course, to create more texture and appeal from the look, layer a denim jacket underneath always seal the deal.

The construction of this outfit idea is very detailed and sophisticated.

It may look a lot, but it doesn’t look clashing or overly busy.

Together with the cream ankle socks, people can tell you are paying attention to details even in a seemingly casual look. And THAT is how you look stylish without trying too hard.


It would work best for light-colored sweatpants say grey as it just goes well with everything.

Let the plaid and denim do their job for you, and the sweatpants should stay neutral.

2. Faux Leather x Comfy Sweatpants

This is for the edgy guys out there – kind of a rebellious fashion sense. The solid, rugged leather appeal plus the sweatpants’ loose comfort.

A bold fashion statement if you would ask me. You wouldn’t see this style every day on the street, but it makes you want to wear it.

The leather jacket’s very manly appeal and the free movement comfort of the sweatpants give a strong oozing aura, making this ideal for such a concept.


Make the appeal much stronger by providing another contrast with the colors.

Have everything on top black, brown, or even red, depending on the color of your leather jacket. The jacket is the priority.

Then everything below should match the color of the sweatpants, including your shoes. It creates a kind of elevation in contrasts making the appeal more impactful.

3. Baggy Sweatpants with Coat

To add more flare with the typical hooded sweatshirt + sweatpants combo, have a long coat over it!

Give your looks a cozy and warm appeal with this outfit inspiration. Long coats could be a trench coat, a mackintosh, mid-length peacoat.


Cozy is the appeal. Stay low profile with the color choice of neutral tones.

4. Blazer x baggy sweatpants

Let formality touch your baggy sweatpants for a bit for now. It is still surprising to some that this outfit works with sweatpants.

Use any of your formal/corporate coats over a simple shirt and baggy pants.

Seems like you just got off from school or work on a cold day and/or need a speedy turnaround for a run or a trip to the gym.

5. Denim Jacket and Baggy Sweatpants

Well, of course! Another men’s favorite wear is types of denim.

Despite denim’s rough, tangible look to an outfit, it still expresses a sense of comfort to the wearer and anyone who sees it. That is why this combination works well.

I’d suggest laying low with strong-colored denim and prefer a denim jacket with a light wash. A light-toned denim jacket feels more easygoing, which matches the appeal of baggy sweatpants.

6. Effortless Oversized look

Figure out a new way to rock the baggy sweatpants? Team it with an oversized for an effortless laidback look from literally head to toe.

This specific one is nostalgic for me since I’m a 90s kid. Back in the day, anything baggy in terms of pants, we call it elephant pants.

Anyway, this is what I see Nsync and Limp Biskit wear almost every time I see them on MTV. Although I don’t think they wore sweatpants on those looks.

If you are up for some youthful but strong hip-hop vibe, why not go with this one? An oversized button-down shirt and black baggy sweatpants are all you will need.


Sleeves for the shirt don’t matter, though. Go for a full sleeve or the regular one. As long as it is baggy, it will work.

7. Hobo baggy pants outfits

I find this baggy sweatpants outfit idea fascinating, as I often see this with those cool dudes doing capoeira.

Very athletic-looking, and the comfort soars like a free bird in the sky. It is a very fantastic look, period. Refreshing, comfortable, and fashionably simple.

A V-neck shirt and your baggy sweatpants, that’s it! Even achieving this look is comfortable. There are no fancy pieces of stuff you need to get.


A hat would be a nice touch but not necessary. Completely optional, depending on your taste. But a fedora would be highly recommended if you want to give it a go.

8. The high fashion monochromatic look

Baggy sweatpants can’t look high fashion? Well, think again.

Wanting something smart casual look for your baggy sweatpants? Have a button-down shirt, then a cardigan or a T-shirt over it.

Finish it off with a wool shacket, and you’ll look pristine.

To add some appropriate layers to this look, let the cardigan or t-shirt be the darkest/brightest tone.

Then the shacket should match the color of the sweatpants but on one tone darker.

By wearing a similar shade of hues from head to toe, your figure just elongates visually and helps you balance out the heaviness of baggy pants and achieve a taller effect overall.

9. Vest and Sweatpants

Relaxed fit and oversized shirts truly complement sweatpants outfits, baggy or not. But it is too overused to the point it’s already a norm.

Make it artistically appealing. Add a vest on top of it for some flare. It is unusual yet charming and intriguing.

One baggy sweatpants outfit idea that will leave people asking you how you achieve such fashionable looks.

10. Easy Smart Look on Sweatpants

Knitted sweater over a collared shirt paired with baggy sweatpants. Pretty classy, isn’t it?

The clothing combination for the top is something generally seen for trousers and chinos. But who says it is wrong to incorporate this on sweatpants?

Won’t cause you any headaches and fuzz just to accomplish this look. Very efficient for both your budget and time.

Sometimes simplicity is something that is very hard to do in fashion, especially for us guys. This baggy sweatpants outfit is low-key but isn’t your typical boring one. That’s for sure.



Baggy sweatpants need some structure to look properly worn and carried. Consider the right fit on your waist.

More than low riding or making your boxers appear on the back won’t work. No matter how great your boxers look. It would ruin your look, and you will look terrible when walking.


There’s a reason why even household brands only sell a few colors for baggy sweatpants. Simply because those colors work well for that kind of style.

Take, for example, Red. Bright red sweatpants in a tight fit are very easy to turn into several outfits. But bright red baggy sweatpants? Even with harem-styled sweatpants, all you can do is stick with a white or black top.

Anything else would look hideous. Stick to the standard colors for baggy sweatpants; black, white, cream/off-white, and gray.

These colors also are best for hiding sweat marks. Can’t call it sweatpants for no reason, right?


The length of the legs of the baggy sweatpants matters, believe it or not.

When the sweatpants are way longer than your legs, they will sag too much on the bottom until they’re touching the ground already. Or simply, the sweatpants won’t look good on you.

That is why most men’s sweatpants have an adjustable waist because leg length matters.

Take this into consideration the next time you grab baggy sweatpants; they will surely be an excellent fit for you.


Our list of 10 how to wear baggy sweatpants guys came to a conclusion.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope you’ve pinned down the right look to rock!

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See you bro.

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