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*10 looks + tips!*RED homecoming outfits for guys

Set the temperatures up with your blazin’ hot RED

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The homecoming event is coming, and you still don’t have any idea what to wear. Well, that sounds pretty much like us guys.

How about we spice things up and set floors ablaze with these men’s style guides in RED? (A guy in red = 100% Confidence= popular among girls)

Not gonna lie, as a bold hue, red can be tricky to worth with on an outfit. You want to look classic instead of trying too hard.

Worry no more, as I have compiled 10 set of homecoming outfit ideas for us guys who wants to go FULL fiery red for homecoming.

Ready to put this show on the road? Keep on reading!

1. Velvet red for Homecoming Evening

Let’s Jazz up this list by starting with an elegant and very sharp looking 3 piece suit.

Have a red velvet tux jacket (I especially pick the slim-cut)for your homecoming evening and instantly make the event smooth and spicy.

Choosing velvet for the tux jacket is a popular trend among male celebrities. Still, it does not mean it has to be expensive.

Keep it simple yet clean. A wristwatch is a nice touch for this but not necessary.

This homecoming men’s outfit idea will make you a well-groomed gentleman in no time without too much effort.


You don’t need a ROLEX to look rich, Quartz Chronograph watches like this are equally classy (and budget-friendly).

2. Homecoming’s Floral Romance blazer

Artistic flair and romantic vibes are only a few things that will make you a fashionable man with this homecoming outfit with a floral pattern.

I found a similar floral suit on Amazon, check them out bro.

The red color gave this homecoming fashion idea a very bold romantic vibe.

Ladies will dig hard into this outfit, giving you the wow factor you are looking for.

Because of the proper color and floral pattern coordination, this homecoming outfit for men is ideal for any skin tone.


Add the feel of luxury. Pair this with some gold accessories. A wristwatch, a chain necklace, or even a bracelet.

That said, don’t go for the chunky one – look like trying too hard.

3. Black and red homecoming outfit

Give them your bold statement while being sleek with this men’s fashion style.

Clashing colors will draw attention away from you, and no man wants that.

Let’s show them our elegant masculinity with a formal homecoming outfit in deep red color.

Go for a flat black for your shirt and a jet black tie to pair with, making certain colors will not clash over and pop out that deep red allure even more.

Temperatures will rise, and hearts will simply melt over with this very manly fashion style.

4. Warm Turtleneck x Homecoming

Grooming for us men should include comfort in what we wear. This is why I choose to suggest this outfit for your homecoming weekend.

Turtlenecks emphasize the chest and biceps, showing a lean and muscular silhouette.

With the classy wine red color, your looks are served piping hot. Look modern by wearing dark jeans and a dark coat or jacket that goes perfectly with this red turtleneck.

Be rebellious with your fashion appeal, as you can take off your coat and let the turtleneck do the talking for you.

Walk the homecoming evening like a fabulous guy runway model because why NOT?

5. Casual red homecoming look

Achieving the look of a fashionable man for your homecoming doesn’t have to be expensive and extravagant.

Get that fantastic appeal with just one clever fashion idea that we men tend to forget. This cardigan homecoming outfit is an excellent example of the smart trick I’m talkin’ about.

Stand out with a cardigan on top instead of having a coat or a suit.

Choosing a cardigan is one unique trick to elevate your standard formal attire into a youthful and fresh-looking men’s outfit.

I found exactly the same red cardigan that can be paired with almost any formal shirt.


If you want to look bigger and thicker, go for the cardigan with a straight stripe that can do the effect right. Try it, bro!

6. A Dapper Look For Homecoming

Dapper gentleman outfit idea for your homecoming? I still got you, pal! A sharp-looking outfit idea that is both neat and dashing in one.

Leave the shirt on white as your contrast; it makes the whole outfit emboss its elegance a bit more.

Also, the white shirt serves as a contrast to avoid you looking like a solid block of red at your Homecoming event.

Your waistcoat and the open coat are the main attraction here, and make sure it is a matching color along with your trousers.


Top it all with a nice combination of leather for your shoes. It adds up a lot to the gentlemanly look you are achieving.

7. Red blazer x Jeans

No one can stop us guys from loving our jeans. That is why I always remember to include jeans for your red homecoming outfit list of ideas.

An easy urban gentleman look for the evening. That said, you may prefer to stick with a bold or deep red color choice if you want to pair it well with the jeans.

Don’t miss those collared whites to pump out that fresh gentlemen vibe.


Leave that collar button open.

It gives some kind of sexiness, and man, don’t we love opened collars since it is more comfortable that way?

8. Oversized look for Homecoming

Looking sexy as a man doesn’t always mean having a buffed chest, washboard abs, and nice-looking biceps.

That’s why I encourage more fellow men to engage in fashion, as sexiness can be achieved in many ways similar to this.

You can be confidently sexy with this oversized trend-inspired idea. Ideal for guys with small frames with no muscular details, but still, it looks damn hot.

This is also a common trend nowadays thanks to male Kpop stars popularizing this fashion just like the BTS.

It is indeed a step away from the tailored fit of formal attire but doesn’t sacrifice elegance and formality.

9. Red shirt x white jeans for homecoming

Let that inner Valentino out of you with a casual outfit in a modern sense. This idea works almost entirely for all body types of men.

Whether you are a small frame, medium build, muscular, or even on a bit of the chubby side, you can confidently pull this outfit at any kind of event. Including homecoming!

The main concept is being the cool, breezy, and free-witted stud looking for love.

Since we want to emphasize the comfy red top, stay on the clean and light-colored slim-fitted pants for this. It can be new white pants, pastel pink, or even baby blue ones.


Now’s your chance to put on those white kicks of yours!

But hey! Remember to stick to white or light-colored sneakers for this.

Unless you want them entirely just looking at your shoes instead of the actual you.

10. The Bad Boy In The Homecoming Outfit

Get the vibe of a true fashion rebel with a strong statement for your Homecoming night.

Leather jackets do stand out in red. Who doesn’t want to sport a dashing red leather one day?

Both strong appeal and a strong fashion sense are easily made with this homecoming outfit for guys.

You can wear tees or a tank underneath the jacket, and slim-fit trouser or black jeans are also great and pairs well with the leather jacket.

Combine this with leather shoes of your choice and look tough as nails from head to toe.


You can add more statements to this. Printed tees with your preferred design will pop along with the red leather jacket.

Just stay black for the pants and the shoes. So the focus of attention will remain on the jacket and you.


Just that, our exciting and flaming 10 Red Homecoming Outfits For Guys concludes. What is your thought on that? Lemme know!

We all got that burning desire to look excellent and fashionable. I hope these ideas will help to boost that desire and put it into action.

But just like the color red, the passion for our grooming is vital to make us guys look great, not just for a specific event but even for our daily lives. Looking stylish isn’t just for a one-time event, but for our everyday lives.

Stay classy and hungry for more homecoming fashion guides by checking out other popular reads below!

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