10 Prom Outfits for Black guys + styling tips!

Surprise the ladies, gents.
Prom Outfits for Black guys

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The sweet prom event. Everyone is excited about these except… YOU! No idea what to wear and was scared of looking typical and lame.

Fret not! I’m here for you, pal!

I’ll be your fairy god almighty, giving you 10 Black guys’ prom outfits that will provide you with an idea to look extravagant and astonishing for the evening.

Seriously, dressing up is not only for the gals. Making ourselves presentable gent is definitely a big part of the fun for prom.

Ready to get inspired? Roll out that red carpet because it’s show time.

1. The Pastel Prince of Prom Night

Tempt that prom’s spotlight to become your very own spotlight. Stand out amongst the shadows in the crowd with this wonderful prom-ready look.

Need I say more? This shade is exceptional.

A pastel pink coat and trousers combination, paired with a sky blue button-down shirt and a pink bow tie. Keep up the fun by sporting some patterned loafers (great pick on Amazon).

Just choosing some creative color combinations, who would have thought that achieving a lavish gentlemanly look can be that effortless?


If you’re going with the patterned loafers, make sure that the colors match everything, and no color is a stranger.

Look cooler if you accessorize with 1 or two silver chain necklaces and a silver watch.

2. Refreshing prom look in light blue

Who said you cannot look like a pleasant day on a prom evening?

Look calm and gentle as the blue sky horizon and as light as a cloud with a sky blue coat and pants.

The baby blue combination works great as well. Just pair it with a white button-up shirt and a white loafer. Such a fresh breath of air.

3. Prom Night’s Mr. Aristocrat

If you want to look elegant and mature for prom night, go for the jacquard blazer.

Flaunt that elegant tux with a royal blue coat with gold details.

It can be paired well with pants and a bow tie that matches the color of your coat.

White Button Down shirt to emphasize the elegance even more and a black oxford to finish it off.


Make sure your hairstyle will blend accordingly with this prom outfit idea. Perfect for guys with a clean cut.

4. High school prom look in winter

A simple yet classic look for your winter prom.

Only go with medium dark-toned colors for the coat and pants.

Flat dark colors like black would not bring out the warm cozy vibe you are trying to achieve. Be sure to partner it with a white button-down shirt and leather loafers.

Adding a classy plaid scarf like this would complete your attire.

This gives off your warm and lovable personality with your prom date. Who knows? Maybe you’ll offer your scarf to your prom date when she gets cold.

Turn your prom night event into a romantic memory bro.

5. Classic Prom outfit for black guys

Want to elevate your look for the prom into the “Boss Level”? Here’s a prom outfit idea that will surely turn necks here and there.

A sophisticated suave boss enters the prom with a plaid checkered coat and pants, a black waistcoat, a white button-up shirt, and a patterned necktie.

Complete the kingpin look with a dashing trench coat with collar fur, a wide-brim fedora hat, black oxfords, and gold-rimmed aviator glasses.

Even though you’re not the night’s prom king, no one can stop you from looking like a true gentleman.

6. Velvet blazer for winter prom night

Purple velvet coat for an electrifying appeal with a touch of quirkiness with the striped patterned shirt is sure to stun anyone in the prom evening with the classy man vibes.

No one could simply resist your appeal, especially if you take this outfit on the prom’s dance floor. This get-up is a 10/10.


As long as you stay the same color with your velvet and stripes, you’re doing it right, brother.

Remember to remain in a neutral tone for your trousers.

You don’t want clashing colors as you don’t want to look irritating instead of looking captivating.

7. Sparkling Prom Night for high school

Add sparkles to the prom evening and step in like a star. Bring on your A game on the black tie prom event and spice things up on another level.

This prom outfit idea is elementary to pull off. Just change the coat of your black tie outfit starter pack into a black sequin coat, and Voila! Guess who stand out from the crowd?

Wear this dazzling coat with a white button-up shirt to make the coat pop up a lot more.


A silk or satin bow tie would add more oomph factor to this, bro!

8. Well Groomed Man for the Prom

This is your last event with your fellow seniors, so ensure you look well-groomed at the prom. Especially on your photos!

Here’s a prom outfit idea that will surely put all the eyes dropping on you with the prom group photos.

Give off the well-groomed man of the night with a white button-down shirt, a white coat with gold details, black trousers, a simple but trusty black bowtie, and a pair of black oxfords.

White and Gold are excellent colors to look vogue and fancy on your prom night.

9. Casual Turtleneck Prom look

Turtleneck is simple but when you layer it up with the right blazer, it gives a surprisingly sophisticated look.

Stylish and finesse-looking guy for a prom night? Who doesn’t want that?!

A basic yet enriching way to dress up for prom night, especially if you are an athlete, is to choose something comfortable. Like a turtleneck!

This will enhance your athletic body because it is a slim fit and cozy.

Throw in a cotton coat, black chinos, and a loafer to complete your look for the night, then look at the handsome you in the mirror.


Stick only to a black turtleneck, and then choose a color for your coat, depending on your preference.

To not look awkward and try hard, ensure the color of your coat and shoes are the same.

10. Like an Olive on a Martini

Can you NOT LOOK STYLISH in a sage green suit? NEVER.

When done correctly, an olive green suit just lowkey tells others “I’ve got a style and I KNOW it”. I must say this shade of green looks truly flattering with dark skin.

For the trousers and shoes, keep them simple and in dark shades, so your suit can shine.

See how going green turns you from a regular looking senior into a well-established-looking guy for your prom night.


And that’s our 10 Prom Outfits Ideas for Black Guys. What are your thoughts on that? I hope you’ve pinned down the right outfit!

Prom is a great event and serves many good memories that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Just remember not to go too crazy after the prom event. Hmm… you know what I mean.

Be fashionably wise but party wiser. Have a memorable prom to you!

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