*All types!* How to dress like a musician FOR REAL

Expressing your distinct sounds with how you dressed

Wondering how to dress like a musician? You’ve come to the right place.

Every musician of different music genres has very distinct looks from one another. Their fashion style differs from what kind of music style they’re into.

Today we are going fret by fret to bring you a full list of musician-inspired outfits, covering different music genres suitable for the modern trend we have today.

So put on those guitar straps, pump up those amplifiers, and let’s get this show on the road!

1. How To Dress Like a Folk Musician

The genre of folk music is more focused on what’s being heard than being read. Let’s make our Folk musician outfit be heard loud and sound then.

Loose tops are the statement icon for folk music instrumentalists and vocals.

A loose top with a trippy pattern on a soft hue paired with any relaxed-fit pants will make you look like a folk musician in no time.


Folds and loose are the folk genre’s icons. Tuck that loose shirt and fold the sleeves inside to strengthen the statement.

Also, tucking in your top will give you an exception if you can’t get your hands on some vintage belts.

2. How To Dress Like a Country Musician

Aside from most leather looks, denim is one stylish choice for a country musician look.

how to dress like a country musician
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Especially for young adults engaged in the country music genre, the dominant denim look is more favored. It looks chicer while being authentic with regards.

And don’t forget that slick cowboy hat!

3. How To Dress Like a Rock n’ Roll Musician

Leather jackets, specifically biker jackets, are the pennant of the heavy Rock n’ Roll culture.

The jacket alone describes rock music the same as how it looks. Rugged and tough yet stylishly sexy and appealing.

You’ll never see any rock musician who will not favor wearing leather biker jackets on one of their gigs to Rock ‘on!


Turn the sleazy rock into a sexy rock n’ roll by giving more attention to fittings.

Make sure you can still move freely and comfortably even though everything is fitted. It does not rock n’ roll if you can barely move and breathe.

4. How To Dress Like a Punk Rock Musician

Emo is a sub-genre of Punk Rock. It is when the Punk Rock scene mellows down the approach into their fashion statements.

From wild and vibrant anarchist-style fashion into a somehow goth-looking and emotional one.

This specific fashion was trendy in the Punk Rock scene in early 2000. Many famous bands wear these in their music videos and gigs. Paramore, Hey Monday, The Fallout Boys, and a lot more.

The key element of this look is, you guessed it, the red and black plaid.

And of course, black is a rock music main tone. When in doubt, think of studded leather belts/chokers, skateboard shoes, or checkered chucks.

These days, a lot of varieties can be seen to sport this kind of look in a subtle way.

All we know is that you’ll look like a part of an emo band if you play the role correctly with your outfit.

5. How To Dress Like a Pop Musician

Pop musicians are all glamorous and sparkle whenever you see them doing their craft. Take, for example, Taylor Swift and our late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Apparently, these looks are very effortless to achieve but enjoyable to do. All of the Pop musicians’ outfits are! As the Pop genre is one POPular choice for music worldwide.

For example, a sequin leopard print jacket can be a red carpet-ready look. Very stunning and very Pop looking.

Effortless, isn’t it?

6. How To Dress Like a Reggae Musician

Reggae’s lively and fun beats sure found their way to people’s hearts. Wanting us to jive to the Reggae rhythm and to its fashion.

how to dress like a reggae musician
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Reggae is widely symbolized by its Rasta color combinations: Green, Yellow, and Red. In the correct order because it has a deep meaning in correlation with Reggae for choosing these 3 colors.

It’s all about those 3 colors. All love, peace, and harmony, even in achieving the Reggae musician looks.


Adding the right accessories, you can make this Reggae musician outfit as high as a kite in the sky.

Reggae accessories like a knitted beanie hat with Reggae stripes surely will elevate the statement.

7. How To Dress Like a Jazz Musician

To achieve the correct Jazz musician looks, it has to be an outfit that will let anyone instantly hear those sexy saxophone and trumpet sounds.

The moment they laid eyes upon your getup.

You must look sleek, oozing with finesse and a touch of elegance from the hat to the shoes.

Fit plays a lot of importance as well. The silhouette needs to be pristine. It’s like making sure you hit all the right notes for your Jazz musician outfit.

And never forget the Fedora hat. Notably, if you play the brass instruments or the sax. Coz’ that’s what all that Jazz is about.


To add more Jazz vibe and finesse to your look, pair it with leather loafers as your shoes. Showing ankles/no-showing socks makes them look more dandy and authentic for Jazz.

Also, make sure that you work on those trousers’ creases. The sharper the crease, the sleeker you look.

8. How To Dress Like a Modern Funk Musician

Time to get funky and groovy with Modern Funk musician looks.

Modern Funk fashion style sticks with 2 different tones or 2 colors per outfit.

Textures always come from velvet, corduroy, denim, and satin.

For the fit, it is always a loose or relaxed fit.

Strong syncopated basslines and drumbeats are Funk music’s signature, and those previously mentioned aspects help the outfit to resemble what kind of music Funk was.

Feel free to incorporate your cool kicks with this outfit. Funk is known to be danceable. Don’t be scared to bust a groove with this one.

9. How To Dress Like a Blues Musician

So you want to look like a true Blues man.

Image Source: VanityFair

You need to know first the primary characteristics of Blues music to totally nail the looks of a Blues musician. For you not to look like you’re dressing up for a different music genre.

Blues are extensively expressive, have a slow tempo, and have a strong rhythm. A very classy-sounding music genre.

Every blues outfit should have a dash of formality, making it suitable as smart casual attire. Color choices should be limited only to muted and neutral colors.

And a fedora hat.

One should never forget a fedora in playing the blues. That’s how you do a proper blues musician outfit.


Blues music has a distinct chord and scale progression that expresses depressing emotions. So wearing bright-colored clothes or prints will ruin your blues man getup.

10. How To Dress Like a Classical Musician

Classical Musicians are always very sophisticated in their looks. Whether for males or females, outfits for the classical music genre are lavish and high-class.

For us men, if you want to look really classical and avoid looking like it was only a uniform, here’s some fashion advice.

Of course, you are going to wear a tailcoat. Make sure the end of the coat at the back isn’t too long for your leg length.

Waist fit is also essential!

These coats are mostly just opened in the front, leaving no room for you to emphasize a sleek curve in the waistline. So, make sure the waist curve of the coat fits you like perfection.


Make your tailor your best friend! Nail that classical performance and your outfit while looking like a dapper gentleman.


So there you go – the 10 outfit ideas if you are wondering how to dress like a musician.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope you’ve gotten inspired!

If you find it useful, let your friends know by sharing this on Facebook and Twitter. Sign up for our newsletter for more men’s fashion tips and guides. See you next time.

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