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Homecoming can be nerve-wracking, and for us, men, planning what to wear for a homecoming event can be the most challenging decision we gonna be making.

Fashion sense ain’t for us guys, but surely we don’t want to look lame in front of others, especially your school crush.

Going for the casual look on your homecoming isn’t the standard on how you do it. Still, it is open to tons of possibilities to nail the event in your favor. Leaving jaws on the floor as you walk past them with these 10 homecoming suspender outfit ideas fitted for 2022.

So, fold that standard suit or coat away and showcase that suspenders as we go fresh and bold for your homecoming with the list I have prepared for you.

1. Street Smart homecoming suspender look

Keep it low-key yet staggering for your homecoming with this street-smart-inspired outfit idea. It just effortlessly takes the casual look to another level.

Perfect to showcase and accent the chest for a more manly vibe with the addition of the suspenders.

The outfit also accents the arms for some muscular appeal and gives you more of a broader shoulder to add up.

Depending on your choice, a dark-colored chesty shirt of any color and a contrasting light-colored pair of chinos.

Add a deeper manly flavor to it by pairing it with a nice Fedora hat. It will give you some sort of a Jazz or Scatman appeal that would definitely turn any lady’s head on your homecoming.

I found a very nice (& budget friendly) Fedora hat that fully incorporates this outfit and slick-looking suspenders on Amazon. Check them out bro.


Stay on the darkest and deepest color of your choice for the shirt to emphasize the manliness of this style.

Also, it would be professional looking, despite being a casual outfit, if your chino’s color is the same as your Fedora.

2. The Cowboy’s Homecoming with suspender

Who said country-side looks are lame for a homecoming? Check this outfit and think about that one again. Bring the blazin’ western vibe up to your homecoming and see how you go gun’s blazing with the ladies in no time.

This will suit well for small up to medium-built guys out there. With a long sleeves button-up checkered shirt as your base, a pair of good ol’ jeans, and some leather suspenders, you’ll be looking as sharp as a western outlaw.

Can’t find the best suspender for this one? Fret not, and as I found the best leather firefighter suspender on Amazon for you, the masculine tough looking friends out there.


Tuck those sleeves in just before your elbow, and don’t be scared to show that neck and a bit of the chest.

Wearing a good pair of leather shoes will make this outfit more mean and solid.

3. Chic Winter Homecoming Outfit for guys

Give your homecoming to the romantic guy they are not expecting to arrive with this next outfit. The looks will give out the “If Peter Pan is normal and got lost at a party looking for his Wendy” kind of vibes.

Giving you enough approval from all single ladies, this outfit is ideal for small-built guys who want to add more depth and personality. Well, just like a romantic painter attending a homecoming.

This is also so comfy to wear and perfect for a long evening. Any light-toned long-sleeves and slim-fit chinos for the base of this outfit.

For the suspenders, any silk or oxford suspenders with a polka-dot or fun patterns like this best-selling one here will add up to the intellectual vibe of the entire look.


Know the time of the homecoming event so you would know what kind of scarf you will add to this outfit, and you don’t want to look sweaty and all.

The outfit is ideal for outdoor settings during dusk or evening.

4. The Great Gatsby x Homecoming

If you want to incorporate the idea that you are a busy and professional man in reality but don’t want to look like trying too hard, then let this outfit speak out for you.

This is when a corporate career meets art. A solid flat-colored long-sleeve or 3/4 sleeves polo shirt will do it perfectly for this outfit combination, matched with any trousers or chinos on the light tone. You can sport it with any kind of loafers or oxford shoes.

Or be creative and bold with a pair of sneakers. Confidence is the key to this outfit. The fashion sense of this design is more on the comfort side, making you look more confident with every step you make.

And here’s the ideal suspender for this outfit, you’re welcome bro.


Give it a fold.

Meaning, cuff the pants and shirt. Doing so would give your entire look some flow and free movement. The best part? Cuff your long sleeve and show your front arms can elongate your figure visually and make you appear taller.

Doubt that? Try it out yourself and you’ll see the difference!

5. Homecoming’s “Nerdy-No-More” style

From a typical nerd to the sexiest nerd alive. Sport out those eyeglasses proudly while this outfit adds spice to your homecoming.

Grab any button-up top for this, regardless of the sleeve length, as long as there’s a pair. The design of your top is what’s important.

You’ll want to grab a top with some novelty or pop design for this, just like a typical nerd.

Then the magic begins with your suspender. A leather suspender with a buckle design, just like this suspender I’ve found, would add a dash of eccentric feel to the nerdy idea.

Giving a tight and sharp manly vibe on a standard nerd design, the irony becomes artistic when put together on this look.

6. Vintage style is the new classic

Trying to get that mature side of yours? Try this outfit to depart from a baby-faced look into a handsome vintage guy at the homecoming.

The look is old school yet outright bold in these modern days. You can experiment with the colors with this outfit combination as long as you can get a hold of the outfit’s main concept.


You can use horizontal or vertical patterns for your top, but use them to your benefit!

To appear taller and leaner, go for the vertical design. If you want to appear bulkier, go for the horizontal one.

7. All Denim Starter Pack for Homecoming

This outfit has a rugged appeal that will set fire on the cold evening of your homecoming.

Trust me, ladies will go crazy as you sport a very machismo all-denim look.

Perfect for any kind of build for men and without effort, a show-stopper look that will give you the most awesome moments in your homecoming event.

Every inch of this outfit resembles a man figure that is tough and proud. Oxford, elastic, or even leather suspenders go well with this outfit, but I would highly suggest using the oxford one.


Don’t go monotone when pairing Denim as that will appear to be too matchy.

If one is a bit lighter, the other should go on a bit darker. That’s the rule, or you’ll end up looking like you are wearing a denim jumper instead.  (Don’t do that bro)

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8. Oh-so-swag Homecoming Turtleneck look

Need I say more? This look is 100% for flexing those buffed chests and muscular biceps.

Source: Tumblr

Your homecoming must have a lot of ice buckets to extinguish the hotness this outfit could bring.

Everything about this outfit is about being styled and oozing with manly sexiness simultaneously throughout the whole homecoming event.

Slap in some bling and chains to this outfit to make it on another level. Top it all off with some dope kicks you have. Just make sure they’re looking fresh and swag

9. 1920s Mafia Homecoming look

Slick-looking mafia-style outfit for your Homecoming.

This may look easy to pull off, but the result may vary if you don’t pay close attention to setting it up for this outfit.

You could quickly look like a cosplayer for Halloween instead of a guest for Homecoming. Same first letter but a different event.

To achieve adequate results for your Homecoming, make sure everything fits well to you. No overly loose sleeves, no wide hanging vests on the side, and pants should be relaxed or slim-fitted.

Precision will make the difference for this outfit, from a dress-to-kill homecoming outfit to just a saggy Halloween costume.

10. The Good ol’ Classic Homecoming suspender look

Finally, nothing beats the Classic.

The G.O.A.T. for these kinds of outfits for a homecoming. Neat and polished outfit providing straightforward elegance with a touch of professional vibe.

Clean neutral colors will surely impress anyone along the way.

Despite all these positive points, one should exercise proper care and finesse if one chooses this outfit.

A single tiny stain will surely stand out and ruin the rest of your attire in a quick snap. It is a high-risk, high-benefit outfit for us men, especially on a homecoming event. But hey, why not give it a try?


That concludes our 10 homecoming suspender outfit ideas for you to wear! What are your thoughts on that?

Regardless of style, for us men, our confidence and comfort with the outfit should be at the top of our game plan. It elevates any style to the fullest if you can sport an outfit with a straight-up head.

You just have to go for a style that truly fits your being, and it will bring out the man in you naturally.

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See you there bro!

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